F4J Canada - May 2011 - Plywood Man attends All Candidate Meeting With The NDP (No Dads Party)





May 2011 - P.M. whisked the supersonic PLYMOBILE up town early so he could catch early bird parking for the all candidates forum. He arrived at 5:
30pm and the forum began at 7. The PLYMOBILE was positioned well and with two hundred two sided press releases in hand. P.M. set up his
station. He bough a diet Pepsi and a bag of dill pickle chips and handed press releases to passers by. It is estimated 75% of the attending public
were recipients of the press release. P.M. then headed in. He again stripped himself of his costume and put his name in a ballet box in hopes of
asking that burning question. Regretfully his name was not drawn. The PLYMOBILE is currently parked in front of the No Dads Party electoral office
waiting for Jack Layton arrival tomorrow morning.

P.M. strolled up town again this morning and was pleased to find vehicle and PLYWOOD un-touched at six AM. He handed out several press
releases and spoke with two members of the media. Mr. Layton arrived on time, parked and admired P.M. work for about five minutes. He and
others then surfaced and P.M. snapped a couple of pics. P.M. then stripped off his costume and entered the campaign office wearing his pajamas.

Again with mics hot and cameras rolling P.M. was heard by some saying

" How about helping divorced dads?"

One reporter captured the cry and followed up with more questions. Mr. Layton then ended his rally and shook hands with all. Pajama Man shook hands with he and requested to pose  the burning question.

Mr. Layton flouted P.M., however, P.M. did manage to hand Mr. Layton in writing this burning question as he was leaving.

My question is on your view of Social Justice and Family Law reform. Do you view social justice like the Charter, which guarantees “equal protection
and benefit of the law” to both mothers and fathers, and the UN Convention on the rights of the child, which requires States to protect the child’s
relationship with both parents? Or do you view social justice like the current family law system, which uses gender bias and wealth bias in favour of
sole custody to make huge profits by removing one parent? P.M. then fielded more questions from the persistent reporter. P.M. then returned to the
PLYMOBILE and got dressed. He returned to speak to Mr. Bevington and vowed to stage a hunger strike in front of his constituency office in July
should there be no remedy for his and Canadian families by this time.

In solidarity and for the sake of the children.














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