Video: Elizabeth May takes army of one to Ottawa

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Newly elected Green MP Elizabeth May says if the debates in Parliament devolve into heckling, she'll simply opt out. May has become the first-ever Green elected to the House of Commons, defeating Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Don't let the figure of just ONE MP fool you.

Elizabeth May and the Greens are yet untarnished by corruption, scandal, contempt of parliament and the courts not to mention breech of fiduciary duty.

Elizabeth May oozes integrity and passion, she had to,

to be able to boot the conservative out of her riding.

Its that achievement that that gives a little insight into her incredible potential.

While the conservatives hold a massive majority, they won't need her vote,
but the best is yet to come.

Elizabeth May will now start putting scores on the board which will open a veritable floodgate for many more Green MP's to join her in the next election and the elections following that will "Split" the NDP vote, most probably not the conservatives.

Canadians will never ever believe the financial ravings of the NDP.
Jack Layton, after his "little John's visit to the Velvet Touch" and his living with his wife in subsidized housing while the pair of them earned $120,00 a year has yet to send him packing. If that does not get rid of Jack Layton then it will be his War on Men, his support for extreme feminist legislation that will increasingly turn Canada's jails into concentration camps for men that will bring him and the NDP down and stay down for at least another decade.

Now, it will be the lone voice of the GREEN's MP, Elizabeth may who Canadians will turn to for a real second opinion, to see if she thinks what the government is doing is correct and no one has any doubt that she will do her duty.

In the international arena, other countries will check to see if Canada's proposals meet with the Green Parties approval, they will seek the views of the Green Party. That will make the Green Party a real voice to be reckoned with.

Congratulations Elizabeth May and welcome to Ottawa.


Hopefully you will remind the Conservatives of the private member's bill on the issue up of Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting.

If you have not already watched this video, you should do so.

She is without any doubt one of the most talented MP's now in parliament
and it will be that ability of her's to articular the substantive issues of Canadians
that will make her the one of most sought after people to be interviewed in Ottawa.

Elizabeth May makes good listening because she knows what she is talking about and
is able to express herself in a genuine way that makes Stockwell day look like a used car salesman that has had a few too many beers.

She will run circles around the other barman in parliament, the Velvet Touch Jack whose ramblings become a lot easier to understand with the more beers you drink.