Woman sues Ottawa police for $975,000

CBC News Posted: May 16, 2011

A woman has launched a $975,000 lawsuit against the Ottawa police, alleging officers roughed her up during a 2008 arrest, then stripped and assaulted her in the cellblock.

A lawyer acting on behalf of Roxanne Carr, 42, filed a statement of claim that outlines allegations against four officers, including that her arm and wrist were broken during an arrest.

A copy of the lawsuit obtained by CBC News on Monday shows that Carr alleges that she was involved in a landlord-tenant dispute in the summer of 2008, but that police showed up to her apartment to arrest her falsely.

She also claims that her cellphone was slapped from her hand and that she was struck from behind and then pushed to the stairs. Carr alleges her head was repeatedly slammed into a police cruiser, and that she was further assaulted upon arrival at the police station. She adds that she was stripped and given virtually no clothing to cover herself.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Charges dropped against Carr

Carr was charged two years ago for obstructing police and damaging property. But last month, assistant Crown attorney Robert Wadden withdrew those charges after the prosecutor was shown a video of Carr's treatment in a police cell block.

The tape has not been released publicly. Carr's lawyer, Mark Ertel, said at the time the dropping of the charges was vindication for his client.

Police have not returned calls from CBC News, and are only saying that the City of Ottawa legal department will be defending the case.

Carr's case has drawn comparisons to that of Stacy Bonds, who was arrested, kneed several times and pinned to the floor while police strip-searched her in 2008. Videotape from that incident was released to the public last November.

Bonds is also suing the police for her treatment.




commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Readers can note that the Judge Richard Lajoie died on May 18, 2011. He will be remembered not only for his decision in the Stacy Bonds case but also for his trail of destruction that he left behind.

Check out www.OttawaMensCentre.com and www.permittedperjury.com for more details on the passing of Judge Richard Lajoie.

Read the editorials carefully, "fair judge" in legal circles really means "one of the worst I've known" , know for a bottle of wine with his meals" means, he was a drunk who drank a lot the night before he sat on the bench leaving his trail of corrupt destruction.

Take note of those who speak publicly about him, the dishonourable Justice Robert Fournier, known for his incompetence in law and his mixing with the rich and powerful.