Colleagues mourn well-respected judge Richard Lajoie



A judge who was uncomfortably thrust into the spotlight when he stayed charges against Stacy Bonds and allowed a cellblock video to be viewed died Wednesday following an illness.

Justice Richard Lajoie was 62.

His death cast a pall over the Ottawa Courthouse Wednesday.

Judge Judith Beaman said the loss was being taken hard by Lajoie’s colleagues on the bench.

“It is a big loss for our chambers. We are going to miss him. He was very calm and deliberate and I would say well considered. He was also in some ways quite fearless in his approach.”

Beaman pointed to the Bonds decision as an example of that courage but added that the accompanying publicity was something he didn’t relish.

“He absolutely did not enjoy the publicity. He was a very private person and did not like the limelight at all.”

Defence lawyer Paolo Giancaterino described Lajoie as a fair and respectful judge.

“It didn’t matter if you were a lawyer or the accused, he always treated everyone with respect and his decisions were well thought out. He was a really well-rounded judge.”

Others echoed those sentiments.

“I have been before him several times and I thought he was a fair judge and I’m just really saddened by his passing,” said lawyer Leo Russomanno. “He was a very thoughtful judge. I think the Ottawa bench has lost a good judge and a good person.”

Lajoie was appointed to the bench in 1987 in Timmins before moving to Ottawa in 2003.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The official notice is pure nonsense. If you doubt that, just check your unofficial confidential sources in the Judiciary or the legal profession.

Richard Lajoie was hated by lawyers from one end of Ontario to the Next. "Low Life", "one of the worst" are typical expressions used to describe this being one of the worst examples of the underbelly of the Judiciary.

Take James Townsend of Ste. St. Marie,  www,  for example.

Richard Lajoie found him guilty of "criminal harassment" when a lawyer JEFFREY BROADBENT the son of  former NDP leader  Ed Broadbent brought a house of   one of his clients AFTER his client lost.  That decision was thrown out by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

An incompetent lawyer Yvon Renauld  recommended a law suit for malicious prosecution. Richard Lajoie's corrupt abuse of power allowed the Sault Ste. Marie Police to go after his home and which most probably led to the terminal illness of James Townsend.

YVONNE RENAULD was actually working for Broadbent while taking retainers from James Townsend.

Richard Lajoie was famous for making children "crown wards" and it was only extraordinary intervention by superior court judges who knew Lajoie for what he was and is, to in some cases overturn those political decisions of Lajoie.

The list of destroyed lives left by Richard Lajoie is endless.
He is the judicial equivlent of a war criminal convicted of crimes against humanity.

The world will be a far better place with the departure of this low life.

www.OttawaMensCentre.comThe reality is that the Dishonourable Judge Richard Lajoie was one of the most corrupt judges in Ontario. When he did not like a valuation on his home in Timmins, he tried to have the value bumped.
He was the sought after judge by the feminists, Children's Aid society and prosecutors.

Richard Lajoie, habitually abused his judicial discretion and would issue draconian orders on motions served without any notice whatsoever. 

When he did not like being called corrupt he had one father arrested on a charge of Criminal Defamation, and REFUSED to testify.

Lajoie was a creep.
Known for stretching his neck over the bench to leer at
breasts of
of female
lawyers and prosecutors with comments such as of "how very nice it is to
see you today"


Leo Russamonno's comments of Lajoie being a "fair judge" requires some knowledge
that in legal circles, "fair judge" is a politically correct way of describing one of the lowest forms of life around.

Not another comment about him enjoying a bottle of wine with a meal. Fact is he would habitually drink to excess the night before sitting on the bench.


The fact is, its common knowledge in the legal world that Richard Lajoie, in his role as a judge was a  habitual abuser of judicial power, a blatantly corrupt judge who was universally despised by dam near every lawyer in Ontario who had the misfortune to have him as a judge when they did not have a corrupt arrangement to influence his decisions.

Readers should take very careful note of the very diplomatic language that judges and lawyers use to describe Richard Lajoie.

The comments are very revealing. They use very carefully chosen words that to most readers most of the time sound complimentary but in the diplomatic words of the legal profession and the judiciary they comments are damning.

"he liked a bottle of wine with his meal"
That means, he was a chronic alcoholic who was famous for drinking one or more entire bottles of wine hours before he sat on the bench where his extreme anger problem would cause him to "get revenge" on anyone he did not like.

"he was a fair judge"

In lawyer speak, that means I'm not brave enough to tell you what a low form of life or just how bad he is. Good judges get endless real compliments not the compliments like that of Robert N. Fournier who has also left another equally corrupt trail of destruction.

Lajoie would have the police arrest anyone, on trumped up charges if he did not like them.

Anyone who has any concerns is asked to contact their own legal contacts on a confidential basis where the information posted will be confirmed  as deadly accurate.

Condolences to the family.


Paolo Giancaterino has a vested interest in not saying anything negative about the now dead, Judge Richard Lajoie. The fact is, his comments need to be understood.
"he was a very thoughtful judge", yes he was, he engaged in the illegal process called "the process of justification". That's the same thought process used by the worst examples of criminals around.

"Did not like publicity", that is also true of major criminal gangs, such as the Hells Angles etc. The low lifes of the Judiciary, also have a "Code of Silence".

The still living, examples of the underbelly of the Judiciary, spend their careers, "getting revenge" against anyone who "the cartel" does not like.

Richard Lajoie was a francophone judge and amongst Francophones he had a Nickname, one that suited his habit of  leering over  the bench and staring down the breasts of female prosecutors and lawyers. He was called "face de cour" which was a very accurate description of how he was viewed by lawyers and prosecutors alike in the court room.

Richard Lajoie life as a judge were he habitually flagrantly abused his power and made endless corrupt decisions.

ASK ANY Criminal Lawyer in Ottawa or Northern Ontario.


Back in 1998, Judge Richard Lajoie's secretary, his personal court clerk wanted to get rid of her husband. Richard Lajoie heard an EXPARTE motion, for his OWN Clerk and gave her an order that eventually resulted in the arrest of the father on a charge of abduction who fled with the child when he realized how corrupt the court system was and that the court was not going to listen to a father's concerns of abuse by the step father.

Also in 1998, Judge Richard Lajoie's secretary, Swore affidavits in family matters when Judge Richard Lajoie was the judge who later heard the "emergency motions".

At that same time when Richard Lajoie made an Order for Crown wardship a respected Superior Court Judge whose name does not need to be mentioned, was about to rubber stamp that order on a motion for leave to appeal, until, he read in chambers an affidavit that detailed the dirty arrangement between Lajoie and the CAS, and Richard Lajoie's pathological hatred towards that mother.

The appeal was granted and new trial ordered.

That did not stop Richard Lajoie, in the secret CAS Court, he made threats of what he would do if his statements were made public.

Judge Richard Lajoie was a professional child abuser. He has without cause, made an incredible number of "interim orders" that terminated children's' relationships with generally the father.

Watching Richard Lajoie in court was a sight to be seen on the occasions when EVERY LAWYER IN THE COURT ROOM HUNG THEIR HEAD IN SHAME.

Richard Lajoie was and remains one of the most notorious insults to justice and an example of a blantantly corrupt judge that brings the administration of justice into illrepute despite the fact that most judges most of the time, do not behave like Richard Lajoie or "his friends" Judge Robert N. Fournier   or the current worst judicial abusers in Ottawa Allan Sheffield and Denis Power who are  guaranteed to show up on his funeral.