Collective bargaining

Pay packages for prison guards reveal lack of restraint


From Tuesday's Globe and Mail




Ontario jails are increasingly not prisons but concentration camps for men whose only crime is being a father. Thousands of fathers, who loose their jobs and cannot afford or are prevented from asking for a variation in child support, end up being repeatedly incarcerated without any time off for good behaviour and the incarceration never ends.

The Gestapo of Ontario, the Family Responsibility Office, can and do, repeatedly incarcerate fathers who very obviously cant work or don't earn the income stated on a support order that would never have been issued in most countries where debtors jails are illegal.

It's Male Sharia Law. While man hating judicial abusers of power put men in jail in droves, they not just condone abduction of children by mothers but reward them with sole custody and orders that make it even easier to put an innocent father in jail on a trumped allegation of violating a restraining order, that was sought to use as a weapon to ensure a father never sees his kids again.

The police and prison guards can thank the zealots of the far right whose law and order agenda makes great politics but doomed social policy.

While the Male Jails are full, its virtually unheard of for a mother to be given a costs order, an order to pay spousal support or for a mother to be jailed for failing to comply with court orders for just access.

Ontario Justice is Male Apartheid, Male Sharia Law.

Then there are the horrific conditions. Triple bunking, bad ventilation, nasty acts like not allowing prisoners to make phone calls, insisting on all calls even local calls being collect calls when most people have cell phones and can't take collect calls. That literally fines those family members of prisoners.

Then there are the medical issues, refusing to give prisoners their glasses. Smashing prisoners glasses during arrests. Failing to give medication.

All of which makes Ontario Jails, concentration camps not for criminals but innocent fathers who went to court to seek access to their children and ended up with a dead beat judge whose mission in life is to create dead beat dads.