No apology or inquiry into G20 ‘secret law,’ McGuinty says

Toronto— The Canadian Press

Premier Dalton McGuinty says public hearings into police actions during the G20 in Toronto will help government understand what to do going forward.

But Mr. McGuinty won't apologize for the secret law the Liberal government passed governing police powers to detain and arrest people during the international summit.

The premier also says he will not call a public inquiry into police actions during the G20, despite more videos emerging of protesters being beaten and harassed by officers.

Mr. McGuinty says he's already acknowledged the government didn't manage the secret G20 law as well as it should have.

More than 1,100 people were arrested and detained during the G20 weekend in what Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin called a mass violation of civil rights.

Three days of hearings into the G20 start tonight at Toronto's Metro Hall, billed as an opportunity for the public to offer insight into the role civilian oversight should play in policing major events.

Input from the hearings will form part of a report presented to the body that establishes policies for the Toronto police service.

The review was launched last September by the Toronto Police Services Board and is to examine the board's role in the policing of last summer's summit.

John Morden, a former associate chief justice of Ontario, is conducting the review and is to issue a report and recommendations.

Future hearings are set for June 6 and 13 at the Etobicoke Civic Centre and Scarborough Civic Centre, respectively.

Mr. McGuinty has said it's up to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call any public inquiry into mass arrests during the G20 weekend.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Premier Dalton McGuinty knew without any doubt, that what he and his government was doing was illegal. He knew that the law would provide incentives for police to engage in brutal assaults which he knew would be whitewashed, in fact, all the police were given small print, hard to read identification badges. The police generally, any who faced any risk, had their faces obscured by reflective shields, supposedly for face protection but more for the purpose of avoiding "identification for prosecution of offences".

Dalton McGuinty very clearly, as a trained very experienced lawyer, understood every facet of his illegal legislation, before the legislation was introduced and enacted, which he knew was illegal.

The only thing that will "help" Dalton McGuinty "understand" "going forward", is a criminal prosecution and some jail time.

That of course won't happen as anyone in Power in Ontario or Canada escapes criminal and civil prosecution and generally has total immunity from prosecution which encourages those with absolute power to abuse their power with total impunity.

Dalton McGuinty had protestors brutally assaulted, by "black shirts", who were then released after the G20 was completed, which shows Dalton McGuinty's true motivations and how those orders were very clearly interpreted the government's illegal improper way. That makes Ontario a dictatorship and a third world justice system where politicians are unaccountable.

Under Dalton McGuinty, we also have DEBTOR's prisons, and the Ontario Gestapo called the Family Responsibility office which operates a "Male Sharia Law" that deprives children of fathers and puts thousands of fathers in jail for no other purpose than to give mother's , mentally ill violent mothers, sole custody.

Dalton McGuinty and Jack Layton, should bear in mind that when they are dead, and their funeral are being held, there will be tens if not hundreds of thousands of protestors in one form or another who will remember them a disgrace to government and in particular, as insults to the principles of fundamental justice and democracy.

At the end of the day, Dalton McGuinty will cause a change in government, to an equally corrupt government who will not make any real changes, if fact, its likely to be worse.

While we complain about Dalton, McGuinty, the NDP alternative is even worse, run by a leader who visited a Chinese Criminal Gang Brothel called the "Velvet Touch" and who defrauded the public purse by fraudulently having subsidized housing while raking in a six figure income.

Expect more government abuse.