DP demands different decorum in House

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OTTAWA - If you’re an NDP MP, get ready to be on your best behaviour - the boss is watching.

Opposition Leader Jack Layton wants Friday’s throne speech to herald in a new courteous age for Parliament in and he’s already asked his caucus to be considerate of other MPs.

“We are prepared to have a tone of debate and discussion that is respectful, that recognizes that Canadians wanted to see some change,” said Layton. “They don’t like the insults. They don’t like the beating up of members and parties one by the other. Vigorous debate? Yes. Disagreement where that’s appropriate? Absolutely. Passionate debate. But not insults and attacks.”

NDP MPs seem to be on board with the idea. They’re sporting civility buttons, and have promised to put a halt to heckling in the House.

Liberal Leader Bob Rae isn’t convinced all parties will be able to play nice.

“This is a government that throws the ball at your head every time,” said Rae. “If you’re standing up there as a batter, you’ve got to be prepared for a bean ball directed at your brain every time. If you’re not prepared for that, you’re going to get killed by these guys. So, I go into this a little wiser.”

Meanwhile, Layton is also encouraged the government is looking at increasing the number of seats in the Commons.

“Indeed, we have a growing population across the country. It has to be represented by more seats,” said Layton. “We are heartened to hear that ... the government is looking at this sort of thinking. At first they were not. But the New Democrats had recommended we consider it in a careful and proper fashion. So we’re hopeful that can happen.”


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Jack "the John" Layton, should really take all the other MP's on a tour of the local "velvet touches", he can explain the proper way of having a shower first before meeting a mainland chinese woman who can well, at least do a good hand job before throwing the Kleenex in the trash , in case the cops raid the place.

Jack "the john" Layton can provide all MP's with a "how to" manual on obtaining subsidized housing while both partners rake in a good six figure income.

Jack can also show them all how to be civil, that is how to go very quiet, even pale when the cops walk in while you are stark naked on the bed as the cops walk in.

Jack of course will know where to place his "Civility Button" when the cops walk in and he has nothing else left to cover up with.

Jack if he had any civility would drop his decades old war against man, his adoption of feminist fairy tales that promote hatred towards men.