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Consider it the latest trend in dating. Single women and men see someone they're interested in and instead of striking up a conversation, hand them a card with a 'cheeky' phrase and a website to contact them





What singles lack most, is an education about relationships and marriage.
The single biggest problem is a lack of commitment, a "trade them in" mentality, that
is evidence of a personality disorder and or a mental health problem which is almost certain to
destroy a relationship.

What also is lacking, is any fundamental agreement on how and when relationships should end and on what terms.

Increasingly, women expect that they will "get the kids" and support, that's not what all men or women expect. Sane couples who consider a child's best interests normally and most frequently adopt a presumption of equal parenting.

Unfortunately, there is no legal ability for couples to sign on to an agreement of Equal Parenting prior to marriage in a "pre-nup".

The courts crazily, adopt a view of only looking at 'conduct post separation' which gives crazy people a ticket to abuse and hijack the kids.

The solution for singles is for Government to legislate a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting and to make clear rulings about what one can expect from a marriage.

To make it clear to everyone the rules, singles should have to pass an examination in order to date and or become married, a certificate needs to be produced PRIOR to marriage or even having sex with a probability of creating a child.