Anti-Semitic vandal defends Nazis




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CALGARY - While now eschewing white supremacist beliefs, a Calgary teen who spraypainted Jewish sites still thinks the Nazis had some good ideas and weren't racist, court heard Thursday.

And while the judge who will sentence the youth agreed he has a right to his beliefs, he said it's ironic the offender would feel that way about fascists.

"The Nazis were a totalitarian regime that tried to take away people's right to free thought," youth court Judge Todd LaRochelle said.

"Beyond the horror suffered by the Jewish community ... thousands and thousands of other Canadians died in that war so you can have that freedom of thought.

"Do you understand the irony of that?" the judge asked.

LaRochelle heard sentencing submissions from Crown and defence lawyers on what punishment he should impose on the teen, who earlier pleaded guilty to two hate crimes.

The offender, who was a minor at the time and can't be named, admitted Nov. 14, 2009, charges of willfully promoting hatred and mischief to religious property.

He went on an anti-Semitic, spray-painting spree in the city's southwest, drawing Nazi symbols on several locations, including two synagogues and a Holocaust memorial.

The latter was the most offensive to members of Calgary's Jewish community, Judy Shapiro said in a victim impact statement made a court exhibit.

Shapiro, a member of the Calgary Jewish Community Council, said the teen's decision to target locations such as synagogues and the Jewish Community Centre was telling.

"Seeking out synagogues -- centres of Jewish religious observance, and the Calgary JCC -- the 'living room' of the Jewish community, indicates an intention to target a whole community, not only its individual members," she wrote.

"Perhaps most disturbing of all the graffiti, however, was the desecration of the Holocaust Memorial Monument," Shapiro said.

"This monument was erected by Calgarians in memory of their family members who perished in the Holocaust.

"In the absence of known burial sites, this monument represents the tombstones of those murdered by the Nazis."

LaRochelle will decide July 21 on an appropriate punishment for the teen, who spent more than two months in custody before his release on bail.




commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


In Canada the menace of hatred is official government policy, there are concentration camps across Canada whose only crime is to seek a court order for their children to have a relationship with them.

Instead of gas chambers, we have judges chambers, family court where a gas chamber for fathers might as well be viewed as one of the revolving doors.

Canada has Male Gender Apartheid, men have no legal rights, our entire judiciary is brainwashed with extreme feminist doctrine that demands a Male Sharia Law.

Our judges do indirectly what the law prohibits supposedly directly. Our legislation is gender neutral but in reality, men don't have any real chance of getting an impartial hearing from an objective tribunal, what we have, is a Nazi Like attitude to men that is extreme feminist views made into practical law.

Restraining orders are issued like confetti, any allegation by a woman who abducts the children ends up as a criminal charge with a banishment order from an entire city, not for any real danger but to stop a father having a relationship with his child by sending a clear message in the court room that is accompanied by an extremely foul odour of hatred towards men that literally oozes out of the walls.

The government has Gestapo like organizations, like the Ontario Family Responsibility Office, a private enterprise designed to destroy men.

Take a look at what the Ontario Government says is a list of dead beat dads. Go through that list and you will find fathers destroyed by women who have no access what soever with their children.

Take a look at the fathers incarcerated in Canada's DEBTOR'S prisons, criminalized because an order for support was made that was impossible to pay because the father did not earn the income or lost his job and encountered a court system that makes it practically impossible to vary an order for support.

Increasingly, fathers get life time restraining orders, and orders that result in indefinite incarceration without there ever being a trial. Our jails are filling up not with criminals but innocent men whose only crime was to born with testicles and the misfortune to have been raped and robbed of their sperm by a woman hell bent on ensuring a child never knows his or her father.

All that can change if the Government introduces a "Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting", a reform of child support and spousal support guidelines and most importantly, a reform of family law that includes a real authority to deal with the corrupt underbelly of the judiciary who make decisions for their friends , and award billions of dollars in "costs" as part of their role of being sargents at arms of the Legal Cartel.