Gay tolerance teaching mandatory in Toronto schools 

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Christian parents wanting to opt-out of the Toronto Public School Board's curriculum-wide inclusion of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer issues are being told to like it or lump it.

“We cannot accommodate discrimination,” said Ken Jeffers, coordinator of gender-based violence prevention with the board. “If a parent says 'We don't like gays and lesbians and we don't want our child to learn anything about them,' that would be, under our policies, and under Ontario Human Rights legislation, discriminatory.”

The resource guide for teachers of students in kindergarten through grade 12, titled Challenging Homophobia & Heterosexism, is meant to help educators integrate teaching moments concerning GLTQ issues into everyday discussions in the classrooms.

“As a blunt example, if we had parents who were members of the Church of the Creator, which is a white supremacist church, wishing to be exempted from anti-racism education, we wouldn't allow that either,” Jeffers said.

For some parents, however, the programming goes beyond tolerance and anti-bullying and amounts to promotion and celebration.

“They are presenting an entire secular humanist world view that contradicts the teachings of many families,” said Phil Lees, leader of the Family Coalition Party, and a former public school teacher.

Lees says parents shouldn't have to leave the public school system if they want to keep these issues from being taught to their five-year-olds.

“Other cities have alternative classes within the public system that teach in specialized ways, they focus on Ukrainians, Germans, Muslims, Christians or traditional learners,” says Lees. “Why can't we have the same thing for Christian families within the Toronto public school system, just like the Afro-Centric school?” 




Tolerance is one thing, this particular "curriculum-wide inclusion" is a form of brainwashing that "the inclusion" is the only politically correct relationship  and that heterosexual relationships, conventional families that include a father and a mother are "odd".

Over 50% of children now grow up without a father, the Feminist War on men has been so successful that children have no legal right to have  a father and in particular no legal right to live equally with both parents if one of them happens to be male.

We need a legal presumption of Equal Parenting, a reform of Family Law, reform of child support guidelines to allow for the incomes of both parents, a real authority to deal with the corrupt underbelly of the judiciary whose dead beat judges create dead beat dads.

Every birth requires a DNA test for the father and child because around 25% of births, the father is not the father or a father is not named because his sperm was stolen by a woman determined to ensure that "her child" never ever gets to know his father. That practice has become norm and is one that accepted by the extreme feminist lobby group who also lobbied for this "curriculum-wide inclusion" aka brainwashing.


I have several gay friends however, when it comes to families and children, those same gay friends who are amongst the saner of the gay community recognize the importance of a mother and a father in their children's lives.

They don't place their lifestyle as the most correct and opposite sex relationships in the trash which is exactly what the gay and lesbian "activists" do with a missionary zeal that is normally accompanied by a pathological hatred for men and in particular fathers.

For their tolerance and empathy, they are accepted for who they are as a human being without any real thought of the fact that they are gay.

As Jeff Z asks, "are we going to teach" Polygamy too? Why not stories about six mummies with one daddy or six daddies with one mummy. That too is heresy to the extreme feminist lobby brigade so don't expect to see that in the kindergarten or school curriculum any time soon.

Fact is, a fair proportion of gay men change partners at an often extraordinary rate, its a small percentage that dont and stay with one partner. They don't as a rule promote hatred towards fathers because some of them are fathers. Lesbians on the other hand generally have a history of abuse by at least one male and have a deep seated pathological never ending hatred that erupts in society with "cultural awareness", "curriculum" that  is almost always about two mothers.

Polygamy is generally the result of a cultural or religious tradition while lesbian relationships are more often than not the result of one or two females suffering sexual abuse that has caused irreparable harm and which results in the never ending promotion of hatred towards fathers which is seen in the public as an "inclusion" in the   "school curriculum".

The last thing our children need is indoctrination in hatred and intolerance especially towards heterosexual relationships.

Amazing how the sun is "moderating" aka censoring comments on this article. It appears the censor has their own agenda.


While some parents can and do a better job at home schooling than the schools the fact is most of the parents who think they can and should home school, in reality cannot and should not home school. The same mentality disagrees with doctor's advice and sometimes ends with delusions that modern medicine is bad and immunizations are dangerous etc. Often the most vocal proponents of home schooling are some of the most unstable and insane in the community.

Schools be it public private or religious, provide structure and social skills that are often missing in home schooling.