Trustee's idea for float in Pride parade backed by chair

By ,Ottawa Sun

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The Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board will have a float in this year's Pride parade. (QMI Agency file photo)

The public school board will march in its first Capital Pride this year after a trustee suggested it was time to take support for gay and lesbian students to the next level.

The initiative was spearheaded by gay trustee Donna Blackburn, who also sits on the diversity and equity committee.

“We’ve been supporting our gay, lesbian and transgendered students for years,” said Blackburn. So she thought this was the next step to take.

According to board chair, Jennifer McKenzie, the initiative wasn’t a full board decision.

“It’s been discussed through senior management and through the diversity and equity committee and everybody’s very strongly in support,” she said.

McKenzie said she’s only fielded one complaint from a staff member though, which resulted in a “long conversation” with the concerned person and board director.

McKenzie encourages those uncomfortable with the involvement to talk to their principal and superintendent, to “get the concerns on record.”

But Blackburn told the Sun she hasn’t received any negativity.

“I haven’t heard one complaint, one email, one phone call — I’ve had absolutely no push back whatsoever,” she said.

“It’s in complete compliance with school board policy and remember, it’s voluntary — nobody is compelled to go to it.”

McKenzie agreed the initiative is consistent with board policy. She used the example of Pink Day: A day dedicated to combatting homophobia, which is celebrated in high schools across the region.

“Our participation in the pride parade is a natural progression of what the board’s been doing,” said Blackburn. “There’s nothing controversial about it.”

The board will be participating in Capital Pride with a school bus float rolling through the parade.

Blackburn hopes to have at least 100 people involved — a mix of staff, students and trustee members.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The gay, lesbian and transgendered lobby group are extremely determined and adopt a missionary zealousness to the promotion of their lifestyle which has resulted in a War on Heterosexuals both make and female who have heterosexual relationships. According to the gay, lesbian and transgendered group, everyone other than them is on the wrong side of the coin. Their promotion of their life style is not just a promotion but a very divisive and socially destructive agenda that has resulted in negative birth rate.

The gay, lesbian and transgendered lobby group have control of key government groups, they control the appointment to the judiciary, they coordinate trials, they act as prosecutors and are attracted to the positions of absolute power such as police, political office and the judiciary.

When they obtain positions of trust and power, they use them to promote their agenda.

What is extremely disturbing is just how much "support" they provide, to very young students who when faced with problems, are given "gay support", "gay guidance". Then there are the directives and funding for promotion of a gay life style to the gullible, easily influenced youth who are pressured to "conform" to the the lifestyle promoted by the gay and lesbian community.

The result is increasing numbers of students start declaring themselves gay at increasingly lower ages. Just when are children are allowed to be children free from the pressures of special interest social groups who have their own agenda.

No doubt, the gay parents at the Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board have used their political pressure to force the Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board to spend money of a "Gay Float" to put in the Ottawa Capital Gay Pride parade, that they say will be a mix of "trustee members" students and staff.

The problem is, that a very small number of people have an incredible amount of power that is being abused to promote their extremely narrow minded agenda that will only add further to Canada's declining birth rate not to mention other resultant social problems that will create an economic time bomb that will be funded almost entirely by the heterosexual community who actually have relationships between men and women which are the only real relationships that can create children

The Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board has essentially been taken over by gay and lesbian trustees.

There are far more important reasons for making and participating in floats for other parades rather than a parade that has one agenda, the promotion of a Gay and Lesbian lifestyle.

Take all the children who speak other languages, who come from other cultures and who have added so much to Canada culturally. Ottawa's second language is Arabic, with other communities that speak their own language which number in the hundreds of thousands each.

Then there are the children who have an interest in science, why not fund floats that show off some of their achievements, floats could be used to provide educational and motivational incentives to students.

All good reasons for floats in any other parade other than the X rated very adult only gay pride parade.