Ontario ombudsman to probe allegations of excessive force by prison guards

Toronto— The Canadian Press
Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin says he's launching an investigation into the use of excessive force by prison guards against inmates in the province's jails.

He says he received more than 100 complaints last year from inmates who say correctional officers assaulted them.

The government watchdog says he's received more than 25 complaints in April alone.

Mr. Marin says what's even more disturbing are the allegations that the violence has been covered up or ignored.

He says his probe will look at the government response to inmate complaints, including how it conducts investigations and enforces policies on the use of force.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


What a sick joke.
Screw for decades and generations have always included a percentage of those who will abuse their absolute power.

That's a fact known, very well known by every person in authority and the Government has been deliberately instrumental in that cover up, and encouraging those responsible to escape with the blessing of the government.

Local police forces from one end of Canada to the other can engage in flagrant abuses of power, private vendetta's , that turn police forces into private armies for those corrupt holders of power where they rule with endless terror.

Canadians need to take note of the plans to increase the jail population when crime has decreased steadily and increasingly, jails are now "Debtor's Prisons" by Gestapo Like Organizations like the Ontario Family Responsibility Office who incarcerate men for no other reason than to prevent them being fathers.