Hudak defends planned cuts, refuses to apologize on foreign workers

steve ladurantaye

MISSISSAUGA— Globe and Mail Update

The Progressive Conservative plan to trim 2 per cent out of most government budgets while maintaining spending on health and education would not be derailed by a worsening global economy, Tim Hudak says.

As stock markets around the world dove on news that Greece’s debt situation is worsening, the Tory Leader said his platform would help insulate Ontario from another economic downturn.

Former Bank Of Canada David Dodge was quoted in a Globe and Mail story on the weekend saying none of the Ontario election platforms would stand up to a recession, and that whichever party won would be seen as having lied to the public as they change their plans to fit the economic situation.

The PC plan includes cutting spending in all government departments besides health and education by 2 per cent, evaluating and possible closing some of the province’s 600-plus government agencies. To help stimulate the private sector, Mr. Hudak has proposed “cutting red tape” by 30 per cent and increasing the number of apprenticeship spaces in the province by 200,000.

At his daily media briefing Mr. Hudak focused his comments on a Liberal program that would see companies that hire skilled immigrants to certain jobs receive a $10,000 tax credit. Standing in front of cardboard cutouts – one representing an engineer from the United States and the other a Northern Ontario citizen – he said those from out of the country would receive preferential hiring treatment.

Dalton McGuinty has called on Mr. Hudak to apologize for making the program a wedge issue, but the Tory chief stood by his comments and said it was the Liberal Leader who should apologize for introducing the program in the first place.




commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The Liberal's immigrant hiring plan is deceitful, fake and a total disaster in the making that shows an incredibly pathetic ability to reason and come up with anything that resembles good policy that addresses the root causes.

The conservative leader has all the body language and words of a highly intelligent sociopath who might be a genetic reproduction of that of Sara Palin or any of the worst sociopaths of the Republican tea party.

McGuinty is also a "Sara Palin" behave-a-like but with more real intelligence that he uses for his own selfish purposes, that have next to no benefit for the Ontario Public.

The NDP, well what NDP, they have not got any platform and show even great probability of sending the province into bankruptcy just quicker than the other two parties.

Hudak, is the conservative equivalent of a bad mistake just as the former federal Liberal leader whose aristocratic parisian accent made him the most hated person in Quebec ever.

While Hudak plays the game like an expert from the Republican Tea party, we will continue to be revolted by our politicians who don't seem to give a rat's behind about showing real ideas that have potential to be good policy and not just good politics.

Not one of our politicians has addressed the fundamental root cause of why Ontario has turned into a Male Sharia Law, with a gestaoo like organization called the Family Responsibility Office, another name for Ontario's War on Men.