McGuinty emboldened in home stretch of tight campaign

karen howlett

MANNHEIM, ONT.— From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Dalton McGuinty is concentrating on winning over voters predominantly in a string of ridings along the 401 Highway, a narrowing of focus the Liberals believe could help them win a third straight majority.

The Liberal Leader has been striking a more confident pose over the past few days as he and his party head into the home stretch of the Ontario election.

Mr. McGuinty talked for the first time in several days on Monday about his desire to form a strong, stable majority government. The Liberals believe they are siphoning support away from the Tories. But there are still a couple of days before voters go to the polls on Thursday and the race remains very tight.

The Liberals are targeting about a dozen ridings clustered along the highway in southern Ontario that could make or break their chances to form a majority.

These include ridings in regions such as Cambridge, Kitchener, Burlington and Pickering that the Liberals already hold or that they hope to win from the Progressive Conservatives.

What is beginning to resonate, a senior Liberal official said, is Mr. McGuinty’s key message that he is the voice of experience to guide the economy through difficult times. It was the same message that propelled Prime Minister Stephen Harper to a majority last May.

“Right now, we feel we have the edge,” the official said.

The Liberals’ upbeat mood was on display Monday among staffers and Mr. McGuinty aboard the campaign bus. “There’s only one choice,” the Liberal Leader told reporters. “That’s the Ontario Liberal Party.”

Mr. McGuinty spent Monday visiting Dana, a company in Oakville that makes battery-cooling systems for electric cars, and a Magna auto parts plant in Concord, where he talked about his government’s track record for supporting the sector and the jobs that have been created.

On Sunday, he brought Bollywood to Brampton, a sprawling suburb he has visited three times in the past six days. Perhaps fittingly, he capped the day on Monday at an Oktoberfest event in Mannheim, near Kitchener, Ont., where he tapped a keg and enjoyed a glass of beer.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, he will hold campaign events in Cambridge, Bolton, Milton, Burlington and Pickering, all areas where the Liberals are in a tight race with the Tories or are the incumbent. Mr. McGuinty will be in his own riding in Ottawa on Thursday.

The sense among Liberals is that they are taking support away from Tory Leader Tim Hudak, who went into the campaign as the front-runner. Mr. Hudak spent part of Monday defending a campaign flyer that some have described as homophobic. Mr. McGuinty pointed out that his rival started the campaign on a “divisive” note by attacking the Liberals’ proposal to provide tax credits to employers who hire highly skilled new Canadians and is winding up his campaign on another divisive note.

“If you don’t have a plan to create jobs in the face of a looming economic challenge,” Mr. McGuinty said, “I think you’re going to grasp at whatever straws you can get your hands on.”





While Dalton McGuinty is a despicable political animal, his foes are even worse. Hudak is just so smooth and polished he rings alarm bells that he would just be a next to Conservative Clone of McGunity.

Then there is the NDP, Andrea whats her name who declares that she is not going to leave her gender at home, a plea to the lesbians of Ontario to rise en mass and vote for her.

Dalton McGuinty has shown scant regard or respect to the Fathers of Ontario, to the grandmothers, sisters, mothers and daughters of fathers of Ontario. For every abused man there is an entire family of women who are also destroyed for every man who is destroyed.

Dalton McGuinty's government has promoted "male apartheid", "Male Sharia Law". McGuinty promotes "Debtors' Prisons", and the ONTARIO GESTAPO called the Family Responsibility Office that operate to throw loving devoted fathers in jail for no other real purpose than to stop children having fathers.

We have seen nothing, absolutely nothing from Hudak to indicate that he supports a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting and or a Reform of Family Law to rid Ontario of its problem with a corrupt judiciary who apply as habit and mandate, Ontario's Male Sharia Law.

You would expect better from McGuinty being a lawyer.

It and McGuinty are enough to make you puke.