Children used by warring parents in bitter family law cases

Susie O'Brien  Herald Sun February 02, 2012 12:00AM

WARRING mums and dads are going to unprecedented lengths to poison their children's minds against each other, Australian research shows.

Courts are struggling to cope with increasingly bitter family law cases involving one parent turning their child against the other.

Behaviour includes false allegations of abuse, constant denigration of the other parent, asking the child to carry hostile messages and spying, according to a visiting academic.

Professor Nicholas Bala, from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, looked at 74 Australian cases of child alienation and has found a significant spike since 2006.

Only half of the claimed cases of alienation are accepted by the courts, Prof Bala will tell an Australian Institute of Family Studies seminar this month.

The Herald Sun revealed in November that courts were increasingly intervening in custody disputes involving warring parents.


Disputes to go before the courts included:

A MOTHER ordered to let her son talk to his father in private.

PARENTS ordered not to let their children watch R-rated movies.

More than 80 per cent of parents found guilty of child alienation have the child living with them. If alienation is proven, it often leads to a change in where the child lives sometimes against their wishes.

"This (abuse) leads to children aligning themselves with the 'victim' parent and taking the side of the abusive, powerful parent," he said.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The Government has swallowed the propaganda of Nicholas Bala and paid for him to "visit" Australia where he can add yet another paragraph to his resume to gain yet another "paid visit".

In Canada, Bala is known as a promoter of the feminist agenda. While he promotes and advertizes himself "a professor of Queens University" he is far from an objective impartial adviser. Bala is highly skilled at presenting himself but in reality he is a she-wolf in a shepherds flock and should be the last person on earth to be paid by the Australian Government for "advise" that in reality is nothing more than promotion of hatred towards fathers.

Send him back to his Feminist Queens University.