Well-known gangster gunned down in Vancouver drive-by shooting

May 2, 2012




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The very worst Domestic Terrorists and Criminals are rarely "gunned down".

In Ottawa, one of the worst of the worst Domestic Terrorists, a Detective Peter Van Der Zander was "promoted" with a significant increase in his already six figure income
AFTER he was caught Fabricating Evidence and Obstructing Justice to NOT charge one of Ontario's most violent females.

After he fabricated his report, he kept a male victim of domestic violence incarcerated for nearly a day, and long after he sent the violent mother home as a victim in a Police car, he terrorized the father alluding that he was a pedophile without any evidence to support those abusive and terrorizing statements.

The father was covered in injuries, that he refused to photograph, in fact repeated trips to the Ottawa Police Headquarters to have those injuries photographed never resulted in the police taking a single photograph of injuries that make disturbing viewing.

When you meet a Police Officer, just remember that Canada has next to no accountability for Police Officers and some places like Ottawa are cess pools of Criminals employed as Police Officers who are accustomed to habitually committing criminal offences against the administration of Justice.

One of the worst in Ottawa happens to be the "Rotten Cop" Detective Peter Van Der Zander.

It's pretty obvious that Det. Peter Van Der Zander has a propensity for committing the worst sorts of criminal offences and if you have been a victim of this "Rotten cop" please email info@ottawaMensCentre.com

Ottawa Mens Centre