Suspect who came at Calgary police officer with a screwdriver shot four times

Bill Graveland

Calgary— The Canadian Press
Investigators say a man armed with a screwdriver who came at a Calgary police officer was shot four times and died in hospital.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, which reviews all shootings involving police, is in the early stages of its investigation. The man was shot early Thursday morning after police tried to stop two stolen trucks.

Calgary police have already said the veteran officer, a member of the tactical team, chased a man into the backyard of a home. They say he was yelling threats and had a screwdriver in his hand when he approached the officer. That's when the officer fired his weapon.

“The tactical member discharged his service pistol which struck the male four times,” ASIRT assistant director Roy Fitzpatrick told reporters Friday.

“The male was provided emergency medical attention by EMS and then he was transported to the hospital. Unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries.”

Mr. Fitzpatrick said a screwdriver was recovered from the backyard and investigators are looking for any witnesses who saw or heard anything.

“Those are the people we want to talk to. We want to ensure, at the end of our investigation, the truth has been uncovered,” said Mr. Fitzpatrick.

“We can get to that by talking to everybody who may have even ... a snippet of information that could provide us the dots that put this whole investigation together.”

The dead man has been identified as Jonathan Rawlings.

The 36-year-old had at least one previous run-in with the law. He had been arrested on a Canada-wide warrant for 10 drug and weapons charges last September.

Mr. Fitzpatrick said the investigation will look at the entire police operation, including the shooting, the stopping of the two stolen trucks and the arrest and injury of another man who was subdued with the use of a police dog and a rubber round from an anti-riot weapon.

Calgary's police chief came out in support of his officer on Thursday, saying he reviewed the shooting and is satisfied the officer acted appropriately.

Mr. Fitzpatrick said he would like to see ASIRT's probe wrapped up sooner than later.

“For each investigation it depends on how many pieces of the puzzle we need to put together. We want to make sure this is thorough and we have not left anything not looked at,” he said.

“A lot of things are outside our control.”






Amazing, the first two posts look like they have come from the sickest of those with a police mindset.

Let's have a reality check. Would you, shoot your neighbour for waving his screw driver at you?

Now, we are not talking about a shot in the air, a shot in the ground, a shot to the leg, shoulder hand or non fatal area, we are talking about
Four, heavy caliber rounds fired in rapid succession in a rambo blow em away style.

Just how and why did this cop get the idea that he was entitled to kill someone
just because he was a cop.

That's because the police across Canada are riddled with an "underbelly", a small but significant percentage of cops with a god like conceited mindset and an ignorance to mental health problems.

Its called the process of justification. Underbelly corrupt judges use it, extreme feminist lawyers use it, social workers, and cops, use it to justify a crime, just as much as the most callous of crimes are committed by psychopaths, absolute power corrupts.

What we need is a mindset of "Accountability" and an end to Police Union's dictating how they can write their notes, AFTER the crime, and AFTER "Legal Advice" that is given after all the officers get to have a "time out - heads together- brain storming session" in order to create a justification to enable MURDER by those entrusted by society to serve and protect.

This was a very obvious case of abuse of power, it was MURDER and it should now be a matter of the courts to determine his guilt or innocence.

Murder is Murder even when its done by a cop.