Murder victim Dominic Doyon once tried to fight cop during arrest, Toby Land trial told

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It took three officers to arrest Dominic Doyon after he took on police responding to a domestic disturbance for seizing his contraband smokes, the trial of the man accused of murdering him heard Friday.

Const. Peter Van Der Zander testified at Toby Land’s second-degree murder trial that he was called to a Cumberland St. apartment in October 2006 but concluded it was just an argument about cheating.

But as Van Der Zander escorted a calm, co-operative Doyon out of the building, he spotted and confiscated a plastic bag of illegal cigarettes.

Doyon began yelling and swearing despite the officer’s attempts to calm him down.

He rolled up his sleeves — an indication to Van Der Zander that “the fight was on” — and assumed a “boxer’s stance,” then raised his fists and took a step towards the officer.

He and another officer were able to take Doyon to the ground, but they couldn’t get his hands behind his back until a third officer stopped to help.

But Van Der Zander later released Doyon without charge after learning he had a mental health worker and no criminal record.

He thinks Doyon told him that he was entitled to have the cigarettes because of his aboriginal status and said he wouldn’t seize them if he had it to do over again.

Land testified that he beat Doyon with a hammer after the bigger man grabbed a samurai sword when Land confronted him about having a 15-year-old girlfriend in their Murray St. apartment on May 4, 2009.

Land told police he also stabbed Doyon with the sword, but testified that he lied to protect a friend and it was really a third roommate, Carl St. Cyr, who backed his account on the stand.

A defence forensic psychiatrist testified that Land, who’d been drinking that night, has signs of “subtle” brain damage — although he’s of normal intelligence — and post-traumatic stress disorder from childhood sex abuse. The court has heard he hates child molesters.

Called by the Crown, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Derek Pallandi testified Friday that he didn’t believe those factors – if true – would make Land unable to form the intent to commit murder.

But he agreed under defence cross-examination that the combination of factors could hypothetically play into an extreme emotional state that might lead someone to be “deprived of the power of self-control through provocation.”

The jury was asked to return Tuesday.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Det. Peter Van Der Zander is a pathological liar, a Fabricator of Evidence, a Child Abuser and another Un-Convicted Criminal

who is presently employed by the Ottawa Police Service as a Dectective in Central Investigations after leaving a trail of destruction at Partner Assault.

The Ottawa Men's Centre in the interests of removing Rotten Corrupt cops, asks that anyone with information on Peter Van Der Zander

contact OttawaMensCentre via with Re Peter Van Der Zander in the subject line or call (613) 797-3237.