Jeffrey Verdon's ex-girlfriend says he tried to smother her with a pillow

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Their rocky six-month relationship punctuated by slaps, hair pulling and even a burn with a cigarette was over and she was going to the police.

Saying that to Jeffrey Verdon was “the biggest mistake I ever made,” a 46-year-old woman told the convicted killer’s dangerous offender hearing Monday.

“That’s when he grabbed me and dragged me into my bedroom, threw me on the bed, put a pillow over my face and held it down with his hands,” testified the woman, who bartends at a strip club.

She was gasping for air when he let go, threatening to do it again if she defied him.

“I was crying — I was just broken,” she said.

She went to police a few days later, this was in early 2007, and Verdon was ordered to stay away from her.

But she agreed with his defence lawyer that she continued to see him after he moved out of her Mississauga condo, spending New Year’s Eve together with Verdon in Ottawa and visiting him at his oil field job in Alberta.

The hearing heard there was no further violence.

Verdon, 36, is a diagnosed psychopath who the Crown is trying to have locked up indefinitely as a threat to the public.

His long rap sheet in the capital ranges from beating a newspaper deliveryman to death at age 18 to his latest crime, grabbing and threatening a 78-year-old landlady two years ago.

Cross-examination of the woman, one of three ex-girlfriends expected to testify, continues Tuesday.

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


If Jeffrey Verdon had been a woman, the Ottawa Police and the Children's Aid Society would have treated him as a victim and claimed that he was provoked and Dr. David MacLean would claimed that his spouse was a danger and that her supervised access should be terminated because she did not support the CAS decision to place the children with the violent offender.


That's what you can expect from the corrupt Ottawa police and corrupt Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.