Ottawa to cut cross-border price gaps but doesn’t say how it will do it



The Globe and Mail


Ottawa pledged to eliminate price gaps on products sold in Canada and the United States, but failed in the Throne Speech to outline specific policies to do it.

Canadians “should not be charged more in Canada for identical goods that sell for less in the United States,” the government said on Wednesday. It said that it will “take further action to end geographic price discrimination against Canadians,” but did not elaborate.


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Another dose of publicity by the Federal Government that is as good as showing an sealed empty box of cerial to hungry kids.

Mr. Harper however has not demonstrated a single sentence towards ending Male Sharia Law and the abhorrent gestapo like system called family court that criminalizes men for being fathers and where 96% of support payors are men.

Mr. Harper turns a blind eye to the provincial concentration camps for men that are filled not with criminals but men whose only crime was to be fathers and end up in front of a dead beat family court judge and a lawyer who fabricates evidence with the full blessing of the judiciary.

It makes you want to puke.