Officers need better training to deal with growing threat from potentially aggressive ‘sovereign citizens,’ police say

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The Parkdale duplex where a “Freeman-on-the-land” had declared his rental suite an embassy in Calgary on Sept. 24, 2013.

Training for front-line officers and better information sharing between police and government agencies can help protect law enforcement officials from potentially aggressive “sovereign citizens,” says a newly declassified briefing to Canadian police chiefs.

The presentation, prepared for a meeting of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, calls the libertarian-inspired philosophy “a growing concern” that poses a “threat to officer and public safety.”

Enforcement agencies are becoming increasingly wary of sovereign citizens, members of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement and other like-minded people who resist police and government authority.

This movement is based on a decentralized, libertarian ideology, which is often motivated by personal gain, self-gratification or justification of illegal behaviour

“These bills indicate that if they are not paid a lien will be placed on the ‘offender’s’ (officer’s) property,” the presentation says.

The briefing was assembled for the 2012 annual conference of the chiefs of police in Sydney, N.S., by assistant RCMP commissioner Gilles Michaud, deputy Ontario provincial police commissioner Scott Tod and a senior lawyer with the Mounties.

The presentation called for increased communication between law enforcement and government agencies such as the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada, the federal Correctional Service, the Canada Revenue Agency, the Canada Border Services Agency, National Defence and provincial police.

It also recommended training front-line members and judicial officials on the burgeoning movement, whose Canadian devotees may number in the tens of thousands.

A copy of the presentation was obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act along with a pamphlet prepared by the chiefs of police that helps explain the Freeman-on-the-Land ideology.

“This movement is based on a decentralized, libertarian ideology, which is often motivated by personal gain, self-gratification or justification of illegal behaviour,” says the pamphlet.

The phenomenon has already attracted the attention of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which noted last year that law-enforcement agencies had seen “an increase in the number of incidents related to (Freeman) anti-government ideology in Canada.”

Other Canadian branches flagged by police in the briefing include the Moorish Divine and National Movement and the Kinakwii Sovereign Nation.

An Alberta landlord recently became entangled with an apparent Freeman-on-the-Land advocate who changed the locks to a rental property, placed a lien on it and claimed the premises as his “embassy.”


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Freeman pose a risk to society that needs to be carefully looked at.
First. Their Legal Theories are "junk law" and the moment they opens their mouths or file a court document, its blatantly obvious that the writer's idea of law is crazy delusion that does not make sense even to a person of average intelligence.

What we need to take note of are the Crazy Aspects of the legal doctrine of Freeman and how the Government, Authorities, use identically flawed arguments.

While the authorities are rightly quick to label freeman as threats to the legal system, they use this mentality to assume any citizen making complaints that they don't agree should be ignored.

The judiciary are well aware of the absurd nature of freeman legal logic and have an incredible range of "tools" to "fix the problem"..

The problem is that these "Judicial Tools" which include draconian orders that permanently remove legal rights and judges have a propensity to use these tools, to abuse who ever they don't like.

Just as we have "Freeman" Litigants, we have the rogue judges of the Judiciary who use the judiciary's equivalent of "mad law" to make draconian orders
that effectively deprive fathers of all their legal rights.

The Freeman stunts pale into insignificance when it is compared to the habitual
practices of judges to deprive Children and Father's of all their legal rights.

If you are a father, Ontario is one of the worst places to be a father in Family Court. There is basically an entire absence of justice in family law for children and fathers.

That is proven by the fact that some 96% of support payors are Fathers.
That reflects the reality that mothers use the Ontario Superior Court as a rubber stamp to prevent children from ever knowing their father on evidence and legal logic is as equally insane as that of the Freeman.