Kelly McParland: Obama doesn’t need opponents to land himself in trouble


Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama: a matter of trust.

The Tea Party missed its opportunity. Rather than drag the U.S. through a manufactured economic crisis, as they did through much of the Fall, they should have left the President alone. He’s doing an excellent job of getting into trouble all on his own.

Mr. Obama is, at present, enmeshed in two giant scandals, which is one more than Stephen Harper has to contend with.  And with much broader ramifications. Canada will not sink or swim on the issue of Mike Duffy holding onto to his Senate medical benefits, but Mr. Obama’s reputation at home and abroad is taking a mighty kicking thanks to the activities of his government. And Mr. Obama has German Chancellor Angela Merkel on his case, which has got to be a lot more daunting that questions from Justin Trudeau.

On the home front, Mr. Obama is faced with daily reports of new difficulties with his landmark health-care plan, which has been rolling out with all the smooth precision of a tank falling off a cliff. On the international front, he is trying to explain why Washington felt the need to spy on its closest allies, to the extent of tapping the phones of their leaders.

The Obamacare disaster is the more personally humiliating of the two. The plan is the signature achievement of his administration, but glitches in the launch resulted in the system almost immediately seizing up, blocking millions of Americans from getting the easy access to coverage they were promised.  There are plenty of excuses and finger-pointing going on, but the bottom line is that Mr. Obama controlled the timing for the plan’s introduction, and thus the fate of its introduction, which has been monumentally botched.

Officials responsible for the roll-out have been deep into self-flagellation, offering abject apologies and declaring the misery they feel at the problems they’ve caused Americans.  The trouble has only grown however: technical glitches are one thing, but this week hundreds of thousands of Americans began receiving notices that their existing healthcare plans will be cancelled, despite the President’s pledge that no one would lose their doctor or their plan if they wanted to keep it.

Grilled at a Congressional hearing over the various snafus Wednesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius insisted the promise had been kept, despite the cancellation notices. The promise only applied to plans purchased before Obamacare became law, and which remain unchanged since then, she indicated. It’s not an explanation likely to receive much welcome out in the heartland.

The White House is having just as much trouble explaining to allies why the National Security Agency spied on them for years, including putting a tap on the phone of Ms. Merkel. The German leader sent  her top foreign and intelligence officials to Washington on Wednesday to demand answers to the spying program, and to press the White House to accept a “no spying” agreement. A delegation representing the European Union has already been to Washington with the same questions

Mr. Obama says he didn’t know about the tap on Merkel until recently, and promised it had been ended. The Germans say that’s not good enough, that the continuing revelations from former NSA agent Edward Snowden have raised serious doubts about Washington’s trustworthiness. German newspapers report that Obama actually learned of the tap in 2010 and did nothing to stop it.

Trust is at the heart of both problems. Mr. Obama is left looking uninformed on the activities of the vast U.S. intelligence network, even regarding its most sensitive actions. And his abilities as a manager or chief executive hardly shine in the wake of the Obamacare mess.

Which suggests the President doesn’t need Republican hardliners to make his life miserable. He does a far better job when left to his own devices.

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Obama did not tell a senator to lie about his own instruction to pay $90,000 in order to make the senator look guilty and then continue to spin the story that "Harper has rendered judgment" and will allow them to keep their benefits.,

Obama has ethics, Harper has no respect for ethics, the rule of law unless of course he can see an advantage claiming others are unethical or fraudulent.

Harper has shot himself in the foot and it is next to impossible for Harper to ride out this particular scandal.

The problem is, the evidence against Harper is damming, there is incontrovertible evidence that Harper indirectly instructed Duffy to take the $90,000 that was an amount concocted to claim that Duffy had defrauded the government.

Harper's actions are an abuse of power of the office of Prime Minister.
His lies, deceit, misrepresentations, omissions and diversions are a symptom of the
systemic problems that undermine the Prime Minister's Office.

Its a culture of abuse of power and where absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Canadians need to bear in mind that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely and
the problems we see in the Prime Ministers Office are just a symptom of the

lack of accountability across Canada that is costing Canadians mega billions of dollars.

Conservatives and Liberals should be outraged by the present Abuse of Power and remember that regardless of what party is in power, that absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Every politician of every political persuasion needs to step up to the plate and vote for sweeping changes in society to bring Accountability to public office.

In Ontario, one of the worst most tragic Abuses of Power corrupting Absolutely is exemplified by the 48 private corporations who have a Billion Dollars of motivation to needlessly apprehend, to keep children in foster homes and to criminalize male victims of domestic violence.

If you think Harper is a liar, spare a thought for the children who are needlessly snatched from their parents
as a result of fabrication of evidence
by Child Protection Workers such as
Phil Hiltz-Laforge and even Lawyers like
Marguerite Isobel Lewis for the most corrupt and criminal organization in Canada, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa,
a classic example of how absolute Power
corrupts absolutely with the result of obstruction of justice
and child abuse by those mandated to protect Children.