Rob Ford upset Premier Kathleen Wynne will meet with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, says he can save city ‘$50-million, easy’

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As his brother took on the voice of business in the city, Mayor Rob Ford vowed to find $50-million in budget cuts and took a shot at a meeting between the deputy mayor and the premier, suggesting it should take place with him, “the elected Mayor of Toronto.”

That all happened on Monday, when Premier Kathleen Wynne and Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly announced their first tete-a-tete since city council stripped the mayor of many of his powers and transferred them to his deputy. The meeting is to take place at Queen’s Park at noon on Tuesday, and will cover a wide range of issues, including “Christmas list” wishes from the municipality for funding.

Mayor Ford responded by firing off a letter to Premier Wynne, saying it would be “most appropriate” for her to meet “with the elected Mayor of Toronto” on matters that affect the city. “As the elected representative of Toronto residents and chief executive officer of the city of Toronto, I believe it is important that we maintain an open dialogue,” he said. He offered to meet with her immediately after he launches his toy drive at city hall Tuesday, or at any other convenient time.

In an emailed response, the premier’s office did not rule out the possibility of meeting with Mayor Ford, just not on Tuesday. “Tomorrow Premier Wynne is meeting with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who is representing Toronto city council, to touch base on how work is progressing at city hall. It is the Premier’s priority that Toronto city council continues to function and that the province and the city continue their strong working relationship to the benefit of the residents of Toronto.”

The squabble came on the same day Councillor Doug Ford took on the president of the city’s board of trade, who last month called on the mayor to take a leave of absence. At a meeting of the budget committee, Toronto Region Board of Trade president Carol Wilding expressed general support for the $9.6-billion operating budget, but also had a word of caution about taking on debt for the Scarborough subway and the growing police budget. Councillor Ford told Ms. Wilding that “90%” of her membership agree with the Ford fiscal agenda.

“Carol Wilding doesn’t see eye to eye with the mayor from day one. She doesn’t represent, she may be the president, the average member of the board of trade,” he said to reporters.

“Councillor Ford can say what he’d like to say,” Ms. Wilding responded. “What I can tell you is that we poll our members on a regular basis, I meet with our members on a very regular basis.. So I feel we’re very much in touch with our members and their issues.”

Ms. Wilding said the board stands by its earlier statement on the mayor’s stepping down, but preferred to focus her comments on the budget, which drew dozens upon dozens of people to city hall on Monday. Speakers called on the city to invest more in student nutrition programs, libraries and subsidized daycare, among other areas.

Mayor Ford, however, is intent on cutting further, in order to shave the proposed property tax increase to 1.75% from 2.5%. He told reporters he planned to present a stack of proposals that save “$50-million, easy” but did not provide details. “You’re going to see the old Rob Ford back in action, saving taxpayers money,” he said.

As for the meeting between the deputy mayor and the premier, Councillor Ford dismissed it as “two unelected leaders meeting with each other.” Deputy Mayor Kelly pointed out that both he and Ms. Wynne were elected by their constituents.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

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