Baby forcibly removed by c-section from Italian mother visiting Britain ‘the stuff of Hitler’s regime’

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LONDON • An Italian woman whose baby was forcibly removed by cesarean section and put up for adoption in Britain says she is “suffering like an animal” and wants to be reunited with her daughter.

The woman, known as A for legal reasons, gave her first public account of how she was declared mentally incompetent, sedated and had her baby taken from her after she suffered a breakdown on a trip to Britain.

The case has now caused an international row, with members of the Italian and British parliaments raising concerns.

Tuesday the woman’s lawyer described what had happened as “the stuff of Hitler’s regime,” while the woman said doctors operated without warning.

“The day of the delivery I thought they were moving me from one room to another, while I was saying I wanted to return to Italy,” she told the Italian newspaper [itals] La Repubblica. [end itals]
“Then I was sedated. And when I woke up she was no longer there. They had taken her. They forced me to do the cesarean without telling me anything.”

The woman, who was in Britain for a training course, was taken ill while pregnant. She was then detained under the Mental Health Act and the operation was carried out after the health authority obtained an order from the Court of Protection.

Essex County Council said the decision was in the woman’s best interests because she had bipolar disorder. A judge ruled the child, known as P, should be put up for adoption in Britain.


To snatch children from their own family has happened in history under other regimes — think of the Hitler Youth


HA is now fighting for the courts to give permission for relatives to care for her child, now 15 months old, in Italy.

Stefano Oliva, her lawyer, said, “To snatch children from their own family has happened in history, under other regimes in which there was no democracy – think of the Hitler Youth.”
Maria Edera Spadoni, an Italian MP, said, “It is something unbelievable that an Italian woman would be put under medication and when she wakes up she didn’t have a baby.”
The British charity Bipolar UK also called the forced C-section and the continued separation of mother and child “unprecedented.”

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

In Ottawa Ontario, there is a lawyer called Marguerite Isobel Lewis, her nick name in the legal community is "the baby snatcher". This particular lawyer, not just misrepresents evidence but gives judges complete fabrications of what is contained in the evidence.

This particular lawyer, is trusted as an officer of the court, as a lawyer to provide the court with accurate information supposedly for the best interests of the child however, in reality, its for the best FUNDING interests of the Children's Aid Society, an endless "make work" project that relies on removing children, often at birth.

The Royal Ottawa Hospital, the Civic Hospital of Ottawa routinely call CAS at the merest suspicion that the mother or father might be a drug addict when those calls more often than not result in medical evidence that the parent had a reaction to prescription drug that was improperly prescribed or without knowing its side effects.

That often results in children being apprehended at birth and no doubt some of those births have occurred as a result of a C-section except it will never make the news in Ottawa Ontario Canada where the press almost universally are afraid to report on CAS abuses.

The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa have a collection of "hired pens" who generally write what ever the CAS tell them to write. That is, workers are afraid for their jobs, afraid for their own children who stand a certain risk of being apprehended if that worker themselves ever crossed them.

Lawyers in Ontario, refer to the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario as "The Gestapo" for good reason.

What is disturbing is that the lawyers who work for this criminal organization, often get their ultimate reward by being appointed a Judge where they more often than not, rubber stamp any order requested by the corrupt Children's Aid Society.

Even more disturbing is the "arrangements" they have with Ontario Police Forces where these criminals disguised as social workers, tell the Police Who to charge with what offence and to have the police drop charges.

The Children's Aid Societies of Ontario are out of control, without any oversight, and the only oversight available at the end of the day, are the judges, former lawyers for the Children's Aid Society who encourage even more outrageous criminal offences who, the police of course turn a deliberate blind eye.

If you think that is bad, spare a thought for the likes of Det. Peter Van der Zander who fabricates evidence to support the Children's Aid Society.