Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Kathleen Wynne supports the mega billion dollar funding of 48 criminal cartels in Ontario called the Children's Aid Societies.

These are professional fabricators of evidence. To get hired as a Child Protection Worker, you have to be able to lie, cheat, fabricate evidence, commit perjury and have a propensity for absolute cruelty .

They need workers like that in order to get their funding.

Take the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa. This is one Criminal Organization that needs to be disbanded in disgrace.

Employed at CAS Ottawa is Child Protection Worker Phillip Hitlz-Laforge or CAS lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis, send an email to or call 613 797-3237

Phillip Hilt-Laforge, who is a professional fabricator of evidence to
justify the desired conclusions of "the society"

That's the name that these lower forms of humanity refer to themselves.

They are anything but a "Civilized or Legal "Society".

The destruction they cause to society is beyond the comprehension of the average person who trusts the CAS.

What the public needs to know is that this is a collection of some of the worst child abusers, the worst criminals in society who present themselves as
"Child Protection Workers".

Their goal is their own 80 Million Dollars in direct funding that costs Ontario hundreds if not billions more just in the City in Ottawa with the destruction that they cause and the associated legal costs, court costs and policing costs not to mention the loss of income that occurs to their victims who

loose them employment and reputations
as a result of the likes of
Phillip Hiltz-Laforge.

If you have been a victim of Child Protecti