Ottawa Police Constable Scott Fenton charged with stalking and assaulting woman with a weapon

Gary Dimmock

Ottawa Citizen

Dec 15, 2013


Ottawa Police Constable Scott Fenton has been charged with criminal harassment and assault with a weapon after detectives investigated a series of incidents they say happened between May and December.

Fenton, 44, is to appear in court later this month on two counts of criminal harassment, more commonly known as stalking, and one count of assaulting a woman with a weapon.

The police have not publicly named the officer, who is now the subject of an internal affairs investigation, which could yield additional charges under the Police Services Act.

The police officer, who was off-duty at the time of the allegations, has been assigned to desk duty under strict conditions pending the outcome of the criminal case.

“This matter is before the courts and it is important that we respect due process,” said Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau. “The Ottawa Police expects the conduct of all officers to be of the highest standard and reflective of the values of our community.”

Const. Fenton used to work as a general-assignment investigator in west division. In 2006, he was publicly thanked in writing by the OPP for rerouting traffic after a bad crash in the 417 corridor.