Woman who gave oral sex to girl, 5, not pedophile: Doc

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Jennell Crossfield
Jennell Crossfield is ot a pedophile, a doctor told court during her sentencing hearing for sexual assault. She gave oral sex to a five-year-old girl. (Submitted image)

A woman gave oral sex to a five-year-old girl to get back at the girl's mother, a doctor testified Friday.

Jennell Crossfield, 26, was convicted of sexual assault in October for committing the sex act on the girl at some point between May 2008 and June 2009.

At her sentencing hearing, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre Dr. Jonathan Gray spoke about the sexual behaviours assessment he conducted on Crossfield. He found that Crossfield is not a pedophile, nor is she likely to commit more sexual offences.

"This was a way of getting back at the (child's) mother rather than a specific sexual attraction to the young girl," Gray opined.

Female sexual offenders are rarer species than their male counterparts.

Doctors can relatively easily measure sexual attraction in men with the use of so-called phallometric testing, in which blood flow to the penis is recorded while the man is exposed to a variety of sexual scenarios and images.

Crossfield, however, was shown photos of people of different ages, races and genders, and asked to rank their level of attractiveness.

But the test actually measures the length of time the subject looks at the photos -- someone lingering on photos of young people may suggest the person has an attraction to children.

"It sort of operates on a trick," Gray said. "There's nothing in that test to support that she had pedophilia."

Crossfield returns to court on Feb. 28 for the continuation of her sentencing hearing.


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commentary by the Ottawa Mens  Centre.com


The Royal Ottawa Hosptial operates a scam called the Family Court Clinic that writes opinions to order.


This news item seems to leave out the risk that this woman poses in the future.

If she did this  obscene act once, and out of revenge, what is she likely to do for an encore?


We have not heard about her future risk assessment, what happened to that?

Odds are this report of Dr. Gray will get her off and and we will hear more about Jennell Crossfield in the future.