Ottawa police officer facing assault charge after alleged domestic incident



By Michael Woods, OTTAWA CITIZEN March 10, 2014



OTTAWA — An Ottawa police officer is facing charges of assault and careless storage of a firearm following an alleged domestic incident Saturday morning.

Police said they aren’t releasing the officer’s name because the charges relate to a domestic matter.

The man was charged on Saturday and released on a promise to appear in court, according to a release.

“This matter is before the courts and it is important that we respect due process,” Chief Charles Bordeleau said in the release. “The Ottawa Police Service expects the conduct of all officers to be of the highest standard and reflective of the values of our community.”

Police said the careless storage of a firearm charge relates to an unloaded, police-issued firearm.

The Ottawa Police Professional Standards Section is also investigating the matter, and charges may be laid under the Police Services Act, the release said.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Chief Charles Bordeleau  has little respect for due process when it involves complaints of criminal offences by Ottawa Police Det. Peter Van Der Zander who fabricates evidence and obstructs justice.

Chief Charles Bordeleau  has little respect for due process when his police force is notorious for arresting men in domestic reports at a rate of 10:1 .


Chief Charles Bordeleau  has little respect for due process when charges are habitually laid against male victims of domestic violence and or "convenient arrests" are made to remove children from fathers and give them to violent mothers.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre 

Notice they call it "alleged domestic"

That does not happen with any civilian in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Police have lots of males working for them and with the Ottawa Police's flagrant promotion of hatred

towards men Ottawa has at least a 10:1 ratio of men to women being charged with domestic violence. Their entire operation is geared to female victims and male abusers. In this case, its a 10:1 odds that the accused is male and well, the complainant is female, but we don't know that.

The Ottawa Police carefully avoid mentioning the gender or the name of the Officer. That raises anothe

That begs the question,  Why would the Ottawa Police refain from mentioning the offiders name?

Well it could be to just bury the incident, it could be to protect the officer but more likely its because there is a publication ban due to the involvement of Ottawa's Secret Police, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who operate by fabricating evidence, often against fathers, even male police officers.

While we don't know the gender of this office we will have to wait till the gender and or name is released. 

As for the firearms charge, anyone who is required to carry a firearm is fair game for any partner wishing to cause them problems. If you carry a firearm as part of your job you should always treat the persona closest to you as the person most likely to make a firearm allegation.


In one famous case involving an RCMP officer, the Ottawa Police and the Ottawa Children's Aid Society ended his children's relationship with him as a result of false allegations and that's another story.