Western University Bigotry and Anonymous Reporting Tools Against Men


January 14, 2014


The author of the following piece is Carole Lynn. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Canadian Association for Equality

It is time to bring some  light upon the outrageous and misandric bigotry being perpetrated against men and boys especially in Ontario  by the London Ontario based Centre for Research and Education Violence Against Women and Children. (Google the cumbersome acronym “crevawc”)  Although seemingly benign in intent and respectful in manner the site is neither  The subtext  of what the centre produces in its presentations and advocacy must be called out for what it is, a centre promoting a hateful ideology of gender bigotry and general hatred and disdain towards men and boys.

The crevawc was established and originated following a recommendation of the now infamous Canadian Panel On Domestic Violence completed some several decades previous. The findings of the panel are now history and its findings mostly discredited by academicians and researchers, especially by Trent University John Fekete in his book Moral Panic. Nonetheless year after year the centre has continued to produce increasingly  misandric nonsense under the guise of genuine research. (view the sites archives) The centre has succeeded in controlling and usurping any community dialogue related to gender issues through an overtly biased ideology. This control of the gender narrative in Ontario must be put to an end.

Efforts need to be initiated to expose the centre for its obvious biases and expose the lies and false claims against masculinity. It has become an academic disgrace, an ideological thought camp, designed to demonize men and boys. Its advocacy research has promoted a perverse ideology which denigrates both  men and boys constantly viewing the same as perpetrators of violence and misogyny while women constantly are viewed as perpetual benign victims. In their aggressive promotion of hateful bigotry their overzealous advocacy has denied and silenced any genuine debate or reasonable discourse regarding the significant issues.They have succeeded in closing down and silencing any dissident views which appose their own ideology.

The present clinical director is London psychologist Peter Jaffe, well known for his litany of feminist inspired “research.” Much of his work is admired by feminist ideologues both locally and across North America. You may remember that the only male appointee to the original and now discredited Canadian Panel on Family Violence was Peter Jaffe. The present community director is radical feminist and former sexual assault director Barbara MacQuarrie. The curriculum vitae of both staff speak volumes about the ideological focus of the centre. One can make contact  through the crevaw website or through  Western University located in London Ontario.

Much of the centres’ supposed research has been discredited or critiqued over time by findings from such noted researchers as Murray Straus and  Canada’s own Don Dutton. The common academic complaints against the centre are duly noted and listed appropriately. The overt bias of “advocacy” research focusing on female victims only. The frequent use of “cherry picked” statistics  The refusal to accept the now undeniable research supporting the concept of cross gender symmetry regarding inter personal violence. The general on going biased feminist paradigm that men are always perpetrators women are always victims. Any discussion regarding the harm of children exposed to domestic violence again always implies that males are the perpetrators. All such biased nonsense presented as acceptable research findings by the crevawc.

The centre continues to display its inherent bias in both its supposed research as well as its efforts to foster feminist inspired activism. The centre’s endorsement of feminist males such as Jackson Katz, Michael Kaufmann and, Michael Kimmel  provide a view of their anticipated ideology. Until recently I believe even Hugo Schwartz was on their support list. The centre has facilitated an annual indoctrination of high school males with talks by inspirational speakers on such enlightening issues as “the war on women”, “boys and pornography” and even a more feminist inspired doctrinal discourse on “appropriate masculinity.” What arrogance and hubris! Imagine Jackson Katz, all expenses plus retainer paid for with tax dollars tutoring boys of London as to what it means to be a “real man”.One must note such an exercise in “male bashing” was done with the full cooperation of the local Board of Education and Police Department.The feminist  cabal in London pejoratively described as incestuous in nature is probably spearheaded by the crevawc and most locally based feminists services and/or advocacy seek the centre’s approval. The centre values itself as “cutting edge” and likes to view itself as a much respected intellectual feminist “think tank” committed to supposed progressive advocacy. I am sure that much of their support is to be found among feminist ideologues especially feminist activists  both in academia and government. There are however much more dissident views regarding the centre and its work in the general community. It is highly disingenuous to make any claims of being an objective and rational “research” centre. The list of consultant/advisers listed on the web site (see annual report 2012) presents a “whose who” of feminist ideologues. No critics dare raise their head or opinions in light of their privileged position of power.  While the centre publicly insists on respectful dialogue their own ideological stand is hardly that.The centre’s material and presentations are full of disturbing and hateful messages towards men and boys.

The centre has over the previous year focused considerable efforts and resources to address issues related to the physical and sexual harassment of  women in the workplace. Towards that end they have mischievously and opportunistically exploited an Ontario hospital tragedy in order to pursue their own political interest.  A south west Ontario based anesthesiologist/ physician had stalked and tragically  murdered his estranged nurseormer partner then killed himself. Both parties had worked at the same hospital. A sad case of a very disturbing relationship gone amok.The centre had has zealously exploited this isolated tragedy to pursue its own agenda and  advocacy in efforts to have the provincial government assume a more aggressive intrusive legislation regarding work place harassment. The centre was very successful in pursuing their desired goals which further helped promote women’s interests while marginalizing those of men.

Barbara MacQuarrie, the centres’ community director in early December 2013 proudly unveiled the centres’ most recent and perhaps shocking endeavor. She exaggeratedly announced that “break through” research efforts to  more accurately document the level of workplace harassment and violence experienced by women were to be undertaken. To that end the centre was preparing to zealously network with various women (feminist) activists in numerous unions which had significant female membership. They lacked a satisfactory definition of what harassment actually involved but that remained a modest problem.

The more controversial announcement was for a planned on line,anonymous reporting tool or survey. Women of all stripes are to be encouraged to access the survey form on line at the centres’ website. No matter how frivolous or absurd the allegation one and all are invited to access the survey and complete it. The survey was to be available nation wide and union activists encouraged to have their members complete the form. The results were not to be documented until December,2014. Objective research, one can imagine the obviously inflated and absurd results of such ridiculous and embarrassing effort. I encourage all readers to google the centres’ website crevawc review the survey and indeed complete it. It is anonymous and you can allege whatever you want.

The survey presents with all the obvious flaws and inadequacies related to anonymous on line reporting tools. A complete abandonment of reasonable research transparency or accountability. An invitation for hordes of baseless and false allegations of the worst order. Ultimately the purpose of such an effort is to expose the pervasiveness of shameful male behaviour.  It remains an invitation to support an already discredited sham of a supposed objective research undertaking. The obvious gender bias of these efforts and the overt reverse sexism presupposed brings shame on crevawc and a taint on the research integrity of Western University.

In order to add insult to injury Barbara MacQuarrie assumes a priori the results of the survey almost a year in advance. She lacks any consultation with male unionists. She assumes only female victims.  She anticipates by inference the administrators will be overwhelmed by the astounding numbers of allegations given the wide distribution of the anonymous reporting form. There is only mention of advocacy among women. She even anticipates a release date of the survey results as December,.2014 which will fall on the anniversary of the so called Montreal massacre. The intent is not subtle or hidden. Her aim is to sensationalize the anticipated inflated numbers of the anonymous survey to dovetail with an already established annual feminized effort to demonize and shame men. A double shaming if you will, all under the guise of addressing  workplace harassment of women. Any appeal to genuine academic credibility has been completely abandoned. The insidious linking of the survey results with the Montreal tragedy displays the centres’ inability to maintain any moral or ethical integrity. Their advocacy work remains cloaked in a morbid and sinister world view.

Several recent posts on MHRA sites have drawn attention to the now known unfolding of events at Occidental College in California. The controversy that has arisen is over the administrative use of an anonymous sexual assault/rape reporting form that is made available to student/faculty anonymously and online at the university’s web site. The form was designed by administrators guided by feminist driven ideology. The scandalous use of the form  resulted in the site being vilified with hundreds of false allegations. The purpose of supposed spamming was to display that false reporting remains a disturbing truth. The issue highlights all the weaknesses and flaws associated with anonymous online reporting forms.

Again, I ask all readers to google crveawc and review Western University’s own version of an anonymous on line reporting tool designed for all Canadians (women that is) to anonymously report any incidents of alleged harassment physical, sexual and even psychological in nature. You also can report without any fear of having to validate your claim or be cross examined. You can make any anecdotal claim you like without providing empirical evidence. You can even name your alleged offender without consequence. No matter how minor or frivolous your victimization appears you are encouraged to report it. There is to be an entire year devoted to actively recruiting “victims’ to complete this anonymous survey. We can with certainty and for once, in complete agreement with Ms. MacQuarrie, assume that men are to be found  overwhelmingly culpable of the most pervasive victimization of women.