Harper slams Russian sanctioning of Ukrainian-Canadian


March 26, 2014

Check out the video at the Toronto Star


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Mr. Harper needs to take a short walk down to 161 Elgin Street Ottawa and watch Ottawa's most corrupt Crown Attorney , Vikii Bair at work. She recently stayed charges in a case of perjury by a well known Ottawa Lawyer who is notorious for falsely swearing Affidavits of Service when he had not actually served the documents.

According to Vikii Bair, a notorious lawyer, with a long record of perjury on affidavits, was caught red handed she "STAYED" the charges, because "the lawyer did not intend to mislead".

Vikii Bair is a typical pathological liar who believes the bigger the lie the easier it is to believe.

Thanks to a lack of interest by the Attorney General of Ontario and the Attorney General of Canada, now, Affidavits of Service can be sworn and there is no need to actually serve the documents, as long as, you have no ethics, like being a lawyer and a criminal and have no respect for the fundamental principles of justice.