Harper arrives in Germany for talks with business, Angela Merkel

Prime Minister expected to urge German leader to keep up the pressure on Russia after its annexation of Crimea

MUNICH —Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in Germany today to meet with German business representatives as he prepares for a discussion with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Harper has arrived in Munich from the Netherlands, where he attended an emergency G7 meeting on Ukraine on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague.

He is scheduled to meet with the Bavarian Business Association before flying to Berlin for Thursday’s meeting with Merkel. As the two most senior leaders in the G7, Harper and the chancellor have a close relationship.

He’s expected to urge Merkel to keep up the economic pressure on Russia, which was essentially booted out of the G8 earlier this week because of its recent annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

Amid the worst eastern European crisis since the Cold War, Harper directed some particularly harsh barbs at Russia in The Hague on Tuesday.

The prime minister questioned the “mentality” of Moscow’s leadership for scoffing at Canada’s condemnation of its actions in eastern Europe and for sanctioning a prominent Ukrainian-Canadian.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre 


Stephen Harper has serious problems of corruption to deal with in the
Canadian Justice system and should be fixing those up before preaching
to other countries.

I would ask that Russia issue visa / travel bans to the following Canadian public officials who are blatantly criminally
corrupt and the Attorney General of Ontario has failed to act.

The Attorney General of Canada, Peter McKay has yet to show any interest.

1. Vikii Bair is an Ottawa Prosecutor with perhaps the worst record in
Canada for abusing the process of courts, knowingly prosecuting the
innocent and NOT prosecuting her friends and associates who refuses to
prosecute or drops charges against her friends.

Recently Vikii Bair stayed charges against one of Ottawa's most notorious lawyers with 30 years of experience for perjury in swearing and filing an affidavit of service when he had not served the documents.

Every man and his dog in the Ottawa legal community knows this low life lawyer habitually swears and files perjured affidavits of service but the Ottawa Police and the entire Ottawa Legal community do absolutely nothing.

Thanks to Vikii Bair, anyone can swear an affidavit of service without actually serving the documents and if a charge is laid, Crown Prosecutor Vikii Bair will permanently stay the charges.