Scott Stinson: Kathleen Wynne may have a scandal she can’t outrun



Kathleen Wynne has destroyed her own credibility and does not need Dalton McGuinty to destroy her chances at the next election.

Kathleen Wynne is a very aggressive determined politician with an extreme feminist agenda, and shows no sign of having any intention to change the Corrupt Liberal mentality that is also shared by the NDP for decades in protecting the most corrupt criminals in Ontario politics.

Ontario has some notorious criminals. First there are the 54 private corporations with a monopolistic unaccountable contract to provide "child protection services" to the province of Ontario called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario who habitually fabricate evidence to keep snatching kids and keeping them incarcerated in Ontario's kiddy jails called "foster care".

These lowest forms of life have for decades operated on the basis that they have the power of god, their own secret unaccountable courts, with their own judges most of whom were former lawyers for the same criminal cartel. It's an international legal shame to Canada that billions of dollars are paid to a criminal cartel of 54 corporations each of whom will claim to be entirely independent of each other but, all claim to be Government employees when it comes to benefits.

Take Marguerite Isobel Lewis, a lawyer for the Cartel's Ottawa clubhouse, who is next in line to be automatically appointed a judge who personally fabricates evidence in the court room to keep children in care and to knowingly place children at a certain risk of physical and emotional harm. Lewis has a lot in common with Kathleen Wynnn in being extremely determined to do what ever it takes to win.

The problem is, Ontario has selectively chosen some of the worst abusers to have positions of absolute Power where they run rampant abusing their powers and leaving a trail of destroyed lives all of which cost Ontario Billions of dollars annually.

We should take note of how the lawyers got together and did the video at "Power as God", its a real eye opener into crimes of abuse against children and parents in Ontario.

Lawyers have another name for the Children's aid Society of Ontario.

The call them "The Gestapo".