Which public servants earned more than $100,000? Search Ontario's 'Sunshine List'

This year's Public Sector Salary Disclosure list was released today, detailing the names, positions, salaries and taxable benefits of Ontario public employees paid $100,000 or more in 2013.

Use this table to search through the list. You can customize your own search or see a ready-made list of key organizations and highest earners. Click the magnifying glass icon to compare to the previous year's results.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

In reading this list, make sure you have a barf bag ready. Its enough to make you want to vomit when your read the endless list of corrupt employees of the Ontario Government who leave trails of destruction that cost Ontario Billions.

You can start at the bottom feeders.
Take Ottawa Police Detective Peter Van Der Zander. Ontario pays him $121,000 to Fabricate Evidence to fabricate evidence and obstruct Justice. His fabrications are to assist violent women by encouraging them to be violent to their male partners safe in the knowledge that he turns a blind eye to the most horrific of domestic violence and Det. Van der Zander incarcerates the innocent male victims of domestic violence.

This low life creep engages in threats, intimidation and works hand in hand with the Ottawa's branch of Ontario's Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Societies.

The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa employes a significant number of the lowest forms of criminality who earn more than $100,000 a year.

The classic example of a CAS Criminal is Marguerite Isobel Lewis a lawyer for the Child Aid Society of Ottawa. Ms. Lewis personally fabricates evidence and obstructs justice to keep children illegally and unnecessarily in care.

For each child in care, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa makes $266,000 per child per year. That same lying underbelly of humanity ends up costing the province of Ontario another $50,000 in Legal Aid expenses, and then there is welfare costs as almost every parent who becomes a victim of Lying Lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis ends up on welfare unable to work because of years of supervised visits, the make work ideas that CAS use to justify funding.

Then there are low life Child Protection workers like Phillip Hiltz-Laforge who personally fabricates evidence to place children with the most violent of parents.

The Children's Aid Society directly or indirectly use their friends , the Crown Attorneys, and or the Police to Lay Charges, Stay charges etc, to achieve by corrupt and improper means, success in keeping another child another year and making another $266,000 per child year.

Ottawa Crown Attorney is probably one of the worst cases of Prosecutional Misconduct read, Corrupt Prosecutor in the world.

She earns $200,000 a year to engage in decades of Abuse of Process, on a war against men, a woman with propensity to "STAY" charges against the worst criminals and to prosecute the Innocent. Read KangarooJustice.org

In March 2014, Vikii Bair stayed charges of Perjury against an Ottawa Lawyer Robie Stewart Loomer who brazenly swore and filed an Affidavit of Service when he had not served the documents. Loomer who is notorious for Perjury, was caught red handed by an Ottawa Law firm expecting him to do what he did.

Vikii Bair, for improper reasons "Stayed" the charge before a hearing could be heard and before the witnesses could testify.