Judge scolds Lev Tahor members over children’s well-being

An Ontario judge chided several members of the ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor group for impeding and evading court proceedings during the latest instalment in the group’s ongoing legal battles.

“The conduct of the [Lev Tahor] community has not raised any trust that you will remain within jurisdiction of this court,” Justice Lynda Templeton said directly to three members of the community sitting in court. “I can guarantee you will receive fair hearings, but you must allow the court to do its work.”

The families were in court to appeal a court order originating in Quebec that would hand over custody of 14 Lev Tahor children to a Quebec children’s services agency.

Justice Templeton adjourned the appeal arguments until next week to allow all sides to examine new evidence. Until then, she granted the Lev Tahor families extended supervised access to all children currently under agency care.

Eight minors were apprehended by Chatham-Kent Children’s Services after fleeing Ontario with their families just days ahead of a previous appeal date. One family made it to Guatemala with six children, while the others were turned back by airport officials in Trinidad and Calgary.

The group has a history of fleeing unfavourable situations at the first hint of legal troubles. Around 200 members fled Quebec in November when child-welfare workers there began scrutinizing the group closely. Previously, they migrated from Israel to Brooklyn and back to Israel before moving to Canada in the early 2000s.

“This whole thing would never have blown up if they had just gone on with proceedings in Quebec and not tried to flee,” said Denis Baraby, director of the child protection agency in Quebec.

Justice Templeton implored the families to trust the legal process rather than try to escape it. “Your children are not Lev Tahor children to me, they are just children,” she said. “I don’t see them as religious entities or gender entities. I do not see them as any entities other than small human beings who have rights.”

Child-services agencies in both provinces allege that Lev Tahor has inadequate health, hygiene and education standards, accusations the group has vehemently denied through its three community leaders. Justice Templeton urged the parents to speak for themselves rather than leave it to the leaders.

“The allegations before this court are that parents are failing their obligations,” she said. “The leaders of the community cannot answer those allegations, only the parents can. That is the frustrating part of this process. No matter what leaders say I am not interested. I am interested only in the well-being of the children.”


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The fact is, NO ONE can have any faith in the reassurances by ANY judge in the Province of Ontario of promises of a "Fair Hearing" recently again made by Ontario Superior Court Justice Lynda Templeton who claimed “I can guarantee you will receive fair hearings, but you must allow the court to do its work.”

Now Justice Lynda Templeton is a voice of propaganda of the Ontario Child Protection Cartel, the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario, who are notorious for fabricating evidence.

Ontario has 54 branches of Ontario's largest Criminal Organization, the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

Judges treat any "decision" made by them, any statement made by a worker as though it was god talking.

Judges of Ontario routinely fail to weigh of consider the evidence which means, the most corrupt vile examples of humanity, Child Protection Workers like Phillip Hiltz-Laforge of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa habitually fabricate evidence.

Ontario Superior Court Judges, unfortunately, accept the word of these professional fabricators of evidence over, incontrovertible evidence that they did in fact fabricate evidence.

The result is Billions of dollars of Ontario's tax payer dollars go to a Corrupt Collection of Professional child abusers aided and abetted by the Judges of Ontario Superior Court who are all too often FORMER CAS lawyers.

In Ottawa, 161 Elgin Street is riddled with former CAS lawyers who became Judges and who spend most of their time giving this Corrupt Criminal Organization any thing and everything they ask for.

Ontario Judges have delusions that the Children's Aid Societies can provide objective credible evidence when in reality, they are professionals at abusing their God Like Powers granted to them by Judges who dont really give a dam about Children and care about political correctness of NOT crossing the Children's Aid Societies.

Ontario Judges collectively turn a blind eye to any and all fabrications of evidence by the lowest forms of live in Ontario, being Child Protection Workers who fabricate evidence to do what the Private Corporation wants.

Ontario Judges turn a blind eye to professional criminals like Marguerite Isobel Lewis who fabricates evidence in the court room and wait for it, rumor has it that she is about to be appointed a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Lawyers who deal with Ontario Child Protection have their own name for the Children's Aid Society, -

"The Gestapo"

Check out the video "Powerful as God" at blackout dot ca

Ottawa Mens Centre

Religious cults can be dangerous and rightfully can become targets for Child Protection Workers. The evidence in this case, on the surface appears to be that the children were found to be at risk and the entire families fled first Quebec and then Ontario.

Quebec unlike Ontario, has child protection run by the Government with multiple levels of accountability.

Ontario Does not.

Ontario has for the last 100 years, given God Like Power to the Corrupt Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

Judges will ignore incontrovertible evidence that workers and or police lied and or fabricated evidence which means, Ontario has a Secret Police Force with generally secret Court Hearings.

There is no solution other than to disband the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario and replace it with a Government Department of Child Protection with multiple layers of Accountability.

The present premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynn is a traditional supporter of this corrupt cartel of 54 Private Corporations that
operate as a Criminal Enterprise, at the Cost of Billions of Dollars.

Perhaps the worst most classic examples of State Funded Criminals are

Philip Hiltz-Laforge - Child Protection Worker who fabricates evidence to abuse children.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis, a lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who fabricates evidence in the court room to abuse children.

Local lawyers have their own name for the CAS, they call them "The Gestapo" which is really about the most accurate description for this Criminal Cartel of 54 Private Corporations who rob Ontario of Billions of Dollars to, all too often, promote hatred towards fathers, promote domestic violence towards fathers and to generate incomes for themselves.

In Ottawa, Each child in care costs the Ontario Government, around $266,000 per child per year with hundreds of thousands of indirect associated costs.

However, Our Ontario Liberals have stonewalled any and all moves to disband the CAS and have an accountable Child Protection System.

Check out the Video "Powerful as God" at blackout dot ca.

Ottawa Mens Centre

These people had good reason to be afraid of what Lawyers in Ontario refer to as "The Gestapo"

The 54 Children's Aid Societies of Ontario operate like an unaccountable Secret Police and Judges routinely give them anything and everything they want.

Our Judiciary is riddled with Judges who graduate from working from this Criminal Cartel to becoming Judges where they continue to leave a trail of destruction.

Ontario is a Corrupt Police State that is Absent the Rule of Law and a Justice System that promotes Criminality and abuse of power.

For this we can thank our Corrupt Ontario Attorney General's department
who act as a sanitizing department for criminals.

Ottawa Mens Centre