Laureen Harper interrupted at TIFF Just For Cats film festival by Toronto activist


Laureen Harper at the TIFF Just For Cats film festival.

The TIFF Just For Cats: Internet Cat Video Festival courted some unexpected controversy on Thursday night, as Laureen Harper was interrupted during her speech on animal welfare with a question about missing and murdered indigenous women, according to a press release issued Friday by the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. 

Ms. Harper was on hand at the event to encourage animal adoption — the Toronto Humane Society held a red carpet adopt-a-thon ahead of the film festival. During her opening remarks, Hailey King, a 21-year-old women’s shelter volunteer, stood up and claimed that “Raising awareness about cat welfare is a good look for your husband’s upcoming campaign strategy.”

“Don’t you think supporting government action on missing and murdered indigenous women in this country would be a better look?”   King went on.

Ms. Harper, a cat foster and Humane Society patron, initially continued her remarks before stopping and telling King that the night was solely about raising money for animals — earning applause from the crowd.

“We’re raising money for animals tonight. If you’d like to donate to animals, we’d love to take your money,” Harper, sporting a pair of black cat ears, said. “That’s a great cause, perhaps another night. Tonight we’re here for homeless cats.”

King was apparently escorted from the venue, the TIFF Bell Lightbox on King Street in Toronto, by security, according to the press release.

The Just For Cats: Internet Cat Video Festival will be hosted across Canada in the coming months, with its next engagement in Charlottetown on May 30. Ms. Harper is not scheduled to attend any of the festival’s coming dates.

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Laureen Harper spends too much time looking at the fat cats in and around Parliament hill while blindingly ignoring the incredible crime and terror inflicted upon Canadians in Ottawa by our worst criminals to which politicians of all parties especially the Liberals have turned turned historic blind eyes.

Ottawa has a criminal organization called the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who receive some $80 Million dollars that is used to engage in terror, intimidation and the very corrupt dirty business of promoting hatred towards fathers in what is called "Baby Snatching".

This Corrupt Criminal Organization employs the likes of lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis who personally fabricates evidence and is aided and abetted, if not actively encouraged by our equally Corrupt Judiciary of the Ontario Superior Court who not only "rubber stamp" any and all requests of the Criminals at the CAS but even make decisions without notice and or without any argument.

The CORRUPT Justice Monique Metivier issued orders for custody of children, exparte without notice or argument.

The CORRUPT Justice Timmothy Minnema a former lawyer for the Children's Aid Society actually fabricates evidence for the Children's Aid Society and, ignores blatant fabrications of evidence by CAS lawyer's like Marguerite Isobel Lewis.

The CORRUPT Madam Justice Maria Linhares Desousa refuses to even hear any motion that alleges the Children's Aid Society of anything improper, and AFTER Notice of Appeals are filed of her decisions, she "seizes herself" of the matter to ensure that NO disclosure is provided to ensure that NO Trial will take place.

The CORRUPT Justice Robert Maranger is the latest judge to flush his reputation, ethics and reputation down the drain by turning a deliberate blind eye to Criminal Offenses by Marguerite Isobel Lewis and the Corrupt Ottawa Cop, Det. Peter Van Der Zander.

Laureen Harper needs to spare a thought for all the parents who attend Ottawa Hospitals to have their children snatched at birth after a phone call from the Hospital snoop, a social worker dressed like a nurse who makes calls to the CAS at the slightest excuse to cause babies to be apprehended at birth.

Laureen Harper needs to spare a thought for the actions of Corrupt OTTAWA POLICE officers like Detective Peter Van Der Zander who personally fabricates evidence to NOT charge the most violent of female abusers while he incarcerates without charges male victims of Domestic Violence.

If Laureen Harper needs to vomit, she should meet Child Protection Worker's Phillip Hiltz-Laforge and or Claudette Knuckle-Dougan who personally fabricate evidence to protect violent mothers. This sort of child protection is "supervised" by the likes of Robert Godman who engages in his own terror and intimidation of male victims of domestic violence simply because Ontario Children's Aid Societies seem themselves as front line warriors in their war on fathers that also makes them $266,000 per child per year.

The Ottawa Police use hundreds of millions of dollars of the money of the residents of Ottawa to PROMOTE CRIME, and support Criminals who are part of the small group in Ottawa that have absolute Power and who result in the escalating never ending abuse of children by those who are supposed to serve and protect.

In Ottawa lawyers do not call the CAS the Children's Aid Society. They have another name, they call them "The Gestapo".

Laureen Harper, the next time you meet an Ottawa Cop or a Child Protection Worker, / supervisor, the odds are you that you just might be staring in the face of one of Ottawa's worst child abusers.

Hailey King is to be commended for raising the issue of
missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada.

There is also the November 12, 1970 Cold Murder Case of then 27 year old Suzanne Harwood, Mrs. Joesph Harwood who was found dead with an electrical typewriter cable around her neck at the legal aid office in Timmins where she worked as a secretary.

Her husband was then Constable Joe Harwood of the Timmins Police who later became the Chief of the Timmins Police.

Here is the Story as it was reported the day after the murder on November 14, 1970




Violent Struggle Put Up By Strangled Victim.

An appeal to the public to help police catch the killer of 27-year-old Mrs. Suzanne Harwood of Timmins was made this morning.

The wife of a Timmins Police officer was strangled Thursday while working in the legal aid office at the corner of Pine and Third in Timmins.

In a news release issued at 9.25 a.m., Police Chief Marcel Perreult, in the presence of Ontario Provincial Police Inspector R.N. Williams and Timmins Police Inspector Angelo Guolla stated that "interviews to date reveal that between 11.30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Thursday the victim, wife of Timmins
Police Constable Joseph Harwood, was working in the legal aid office when an unknown person entered.

" It would appear that Mrs. Harwood was in the process of writing an application when she was violently attacked. A struggle ensured, during which a lady's brown silk kerchief was knotted around the victim's neck. The electric typewriter was pulled from the wall receptacle and also knotted around the woman's neck.

"There is evidence to indicate that the victim's purse contents was dumped onto her desk. The victim's wallet containing a sum of money was missing along with a key to the office door.

"The violent nature of the attack would indicate that the perpetrator's clothing might possibly be torn and would certainly bear blood traces of the victim.

"The police are requesting any member of the public to report any observations they may have in respect to any suspicious person loitering or acting in a suspicious manner in or about the Legal Aid Office at 46 Pine Street South between the hours of 11.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.. of November 12."


Mrs. Harwood had been replacing a regular employee in the legal aid office who was on a week's holidays. This employee in the off-duty legal aid employee who unlocked the office door to Constable Harwood before the discovery of the body Thursday night.

Constable Harwood had become concerned when his wife did not come home for supper and called friends and associates in an attempt to locate her. This being not successful, he called the office where his calls were unanswered.

Because of this he called the woman in charge of the office and requested that she unlock the door.

"We must keep in mind that the legal aid office is the district office for the district of Cochrane" stated Insp. Angel Guolla, "and that we are not necessarily dealing with someone from Timmins." He indicated that the assailant could be anyone within the district.

Chief Perreault emphasized that the assistance of the public is required in apprehending the murderer.

Tom Callen, director of Legal Aid for the Province of Ontario, from the Thunder Bay office ahs arrived to assist in the investigation. He will be assisting Andre Cousineau, regional director.

Inspector R. N. Williams from Toronto explained that his presence has been requested in the case because the crime was committed in a provincial government office.

Funeral services were held at the Nativity Church in Timmins this afternoon. There was no police affiliation at the funeral.

It remained a family funeral. Burial was at the Timmins Memorial Cemetery.


The murder of a Timmins police constable's wife is being investigated by a joint team of Timmins and Ontario Provincial Police officers.

No arrests have been made yet in the case.

The body of Mrs. Joseph Harwood, 27-year-old mother of three, was found by her husband and another person at 7:25 p.m. Thursday at her place of employment.

Mrs. Harwood was a part-time secretary for the director of legal aid for lawyer Andre Cousineau of Timmins.

She worked alone from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at 46 Pine St. S., the corner of Third Avenue and Pine Street.

A tight news blackout on the crime was maintained by Timmins Police from the time of the discovery of the body until a news release was issued at 12.25 p.m. today.

The release was given out by OPP Inspector R.N. Williams, Criminal Investigation Division, general headquarters Toronto who were called in by town police. Following is the statement:

"At 7.25 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12. the body of Suzanne Rachelle Marian Harwood, 27-years-old, mother of three children, two, five and six, was found strangled to death by a length of cord in the legal aid office 46 Pine St. S.

"the victim is the wife of Joseph Harwood, 26 a constable with the Timmins Police Department. Const. Harwood became concerned around suppertime last night and made inquires as to her whereabouts by checking friends and associates.

"Not finding any trace of her, he went to the office accompanied by an off-duty legal aid employee and subsequently discovered the body of his wife.

"Investigation is being carried out by Inspector Angelo Guolla(Timmins Police) and R. N. Williams (OPP),"No arrests have been made."

Mrs. Harwood was the mother of three children, Judy six-years old, Lana five-years-old, and Sandra, two years old. Surviving her are two brothers Wilfred Lemaire of 411 Maple St., S., and another who lives in Toronto, and three sisters.

Mrs. Harwood has one sister and two brothers, Mrs. Grace Blow, and Roddie Harwood, and his parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harwood of 176 Birch St. N.

The victim's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Lemaire, 177 Wilson Ave.