Barbara Kay: Study paints a portrait of Canada as a nation of child abusers

In a study, which lead author Tracie Afifi, professor of Community Health Sciences and Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba claims is “one of the most comprehensive papers on child abuse and mental health from any country,” we find that “child abuse” includes spanking and slapping (hand spanking is legal in Canada), while witnessing one’s parents yelling at each other makes one a victim of child abuse. Guilty on both counts, your Honour!


One-third of Canadians have suffered child abuse, highest rates in the western provinces, study says

More than a third of Canadians have suffered some kind of child abuse in their lives and that abuse has a strong correlation with mental disorders, according to a new national study touted to be the first of its kind in Canada.

The study, published Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that 32% of Canadians had experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, exposure to intimate partner violence or a combination of these while they were young — a number that includes behaviour once deemed socially appropriate forms of discipline, such as spanking with an object and slapping.

All types of child abuse were associated with all mental disorders, including suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts, said Tracie Afifi, lead study author and professor of Community Health Sciences and Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba.

“I know that the general public will be surprised with this number,” she said. “But as a child maltreatment researcher, this is what we were thinking it would be around, 30%.”

Reeling from this double whammy, I was ill-prepared for the final blow: that both my abuse of my children and my parents’ abuse of me were likely related to mental disorders! And I am not alone. According to this study – entitled the “Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect” – about a third of Canadians are abusers or abused and likely disordered mentally.

Forgive the sarcasm and the attendant skepticism it represents, but this would not be the first study to ring alarm bells on an alleged epidemic of abuse. Rape culturists believe one in four university coeds is sexually assaulted on campus; so-called domestic violence experts tell us one in three women will be the victim of intimate partner violence; and now here we go again with child abuse. The problem with all these forms of moral panic projecting epidemic abuse of women and children is that their study statistics arise from definitions that cast so wide a net for negative behaviours that the conclusions they lead to are virtually meaningless

Rape culturists dumb down rape to include any sexual behaviour indulged in while a woman is intoxicated. Domestic violence alarmists dumb down intimate partner violence to include any actions, words or even tone and gestures that hurt a woman’s feelings. In both cases, what any reasonable person would consider to be true and consequential abuse is radically less common than the sensationalized numbers bruited in the media would suggest.

And in this study, which lead author Tracie Afifi, professor of Community Health Sciences and Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba claims is “one of the most comprehensive papers on child abuse and mental health from any country,” we find that “child abuse” includes spanking and slapping (hand spanking is legal in Canada), while witnessing one’s parents yelling at each other makes one a victim of child abuse. Guilty on both counts, your Honour!

Even collegial observers find the “comprehensive” nature of the study discomfiting. “It does get to be tricky territory because the question gets to be, how serious is it?” muses Brad McKenzie, professor emeritus in the department of social work at the University of Manitoba.” McKenzie notes that the expanding referential catchment for abuse has had the real-life effect of “significantly” increasing the rate of referrals to child protection services.

He’s right about that. In Ontario alone, since the mid-1990s, the number of children taken into care rose from 11,609 children in 1998 to 18,126 in 2003 to 25,710 in 2012. What explains this dramatic increase? Human nature has not changed in the last 15 years. Parents in general are more educated and more sensitive to children’s rights than they were in my generation. Children are no more or less resilient than they were decades ago, and indeed throughout of all human history.




"Physical abuse is no longer the primary reason children are removed from parental care in Canada."

What has changed is the definition of abuse. Physical abuse is no longer the primary reason children are removed from parental care in Canada. According to a 2005 scholar’s assessment, physical harm to children occurred in only 10% of cases of substantiated maltreatment, with only 3% of cases requiring medical intervention. That should ring alarm bells. Physical harm constitutes objective abuse, and should be the main reason for removal from a home. The definition of abuse has drifted away from physical harm into subjective realms because the vast majority of students in the “soft” sciences of sociology, psychology and child pedagogy are dominated by ideologically inspired curricula in which theories of social engineering capable of producing utopian outcomes permeate the discourse and texts to which these students are continually exposed. Utopianism breeds contempt for human imperfection, disdain for individual rights and the conviction that “experts” – efficiently clustered under the umbrella of the state – can improve on ever-so-flawed ordinary people in bringing about the ideal society they dream of.

Creating definitions that indict a full third of Canadians as abusers or victims points to an unrealistic understanding of human nature and human limitations. This study is easy to mock, but there is nothing funny about its potential ramifications. Its conclusions may well lead to official policies that in turn bring more children into care, children who will suffer far more in removal from their imperfect parents than will be helped by theory-driven state-appointed strangers.

I am sure the researchers of this study were extremely well-intentioned. But when perfection is made the enemy of the “good-enough,” good intentions can lead to bad outcomes.

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Below Still up at NP 24/4/2014 10:06 AM

Thanks again to the National Post and Barbara Kay for saying what other news media don't have the courage to say.

There is an old saying. The person you trust the least is the person you trust the most.

In Ontario, the worst Child Abusers are those who are supposed to be serving and protecting society.

In Ottawa, Ottawa Police Detective Peter Van Der Zander is one of Ottawa's worst child abusers in that he fabricates evidence to protect the most violent of child abusers and spousal abusers. His fabrications are designed to place children at a risk of harm. This (unconvicted and uncharged) Criminal, is encouraged to engage in fabricating evidence and or obstructing justice by his superiors like Sgt. Norm Friell, Staff Sergeant Isobel Granger and ultimately Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau who runs a Criminal Organization that spends most of it's budget promoting domestic violence towards fathers and encouraging mothers to be child abusers.

In Ottawa the most notorious Criminal Organization in Ontario, the Children's Aid Societies, gets $80 Million Dollars a year for it's local Ottawa Professional Child Abusers to keep around 300 Children in care each year.

That's right, Child Abusers get $266,000 a year per child in Ottawa. Who says that crime does not pay?

This Criminal Organization of Child abusers is directed by "Supervisors" like Robert Godman aka Rob Godman, who supervisors pathological liars and fabricators of evidence like Phillip Hiltz-Laforge and Claudette Knuckle-Dougan both being "child protection workers who ignore children telling them stories of abuse simple because the abuser is female or someone the Child Abusers Society thinks does not support their propaganda.

The worst of the worst of these lying evidence fabricating lawyers is Marguerite Isobel Lewis who fabricates evidence in the court room to abuse children.

How do these Criminals get away with abusing  children when its their job to serve and protect?

When cops like Detective Van Der Zander are exposed as pathological liars and evidence fabricators, Justice Robert L. Maranger turns a blind eye and gives CAS what ever they want.

When it comes to the most vile, most dangerous child abusers in Ottawa, the worst of them all is Doctor, David Alexander McLean, a "Hired Pen" who writes what ever the Corrupt CAS want him to write.

This Quack, Dr. David Alexander McLean is treated as some kind of "sacred cow" by the Ontario Ottawa Judiciary when he is well known as a pathological liar,, who will write what ever the Professional Child Abuse Criminals in Ottawa want.

Dr. David Alexander McLean for example will refuse to psychologically test a mother who has a long history of violence towards children and partners and at the same time ridicule any suggestion that a mother might be violent towards a father.

The reason is we have Ontario Superior Court Judges who turn deliberate blind eyes to blatant and obvious Criminal Offenses by even the lawyers for the Children's Aid Society who have no hesitation in telling judges pathological bald face lies simply to abuse children by fabricating evidence to justify time to fabricate more evidence.

Take the Dishonourable Justice Timothy Minnema who was formerly a lawyer for Children’s Aid Society who fabricates evidence personally to give the CAS a head start. When lawyers like Marguerite Isobel Lewis blatantly fabricates in front of him, he turns a blind eye and does absolutely nothing when he is provided with incontrovertible evidence that he was lied to in the court room.

With judges like Minnema and Maranger, the Child Abuse Society of Ottawa will be further emboldened to commit further offences against children and offenses against the administration of justice.

The very worst child abusers earn fat pay checks. Supervisors at CAS and Ottawa Police Detectives make around $122,000 a year which is some $21,000 more than what the Evidence Fabricating pathological lying lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis earns.

If you think that's bad, spare a thought for the Parents of children in Ottawa who have to go to court in the future. Word is that this criminal Marguerite Isobel Lewis is about to be annoited a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court.
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Below Still up at NP 24/4/2014 10:06 AM

The Child Protection "industry" is notoriously corrupt. They are like vultures who prey on those without a lawyer, single, or relatively vulnerable people.

In Ontario, the Children's Aid Societies have "a criminal racket".

Any call regarding domestic violence leads to the Baby Snatchers, aka "the Gestapo" knocking on your door.

First, they don't care if She is violent and if SH E assaulted him. Or if He is violent and if He assaulted HER.

The CAS like vultures claim "BOTH PARENTS" exposed the children to violence, therefore BOTH are bad.

No amount of evidence will persuade these criminals that just ONE of the parents had a violence problem.

Across Ontario our corrupt Man hating Children's Aid Society effectively promote violence against fathers, if HE calls police corrupt cops like Det. Peter Van Der Zander refuse to arrest even the most violent perpetrators of violence towards children and fathers.

You see, they get in Ottawa around $400 Million Dollars to promote hatred and violence towards fathers.

The fact that a mother engaged in unprovoked extreme violence towards children is deemed to be a father's fault.

This kind of Third Reich style of propaganda is promoted by the likes of Child Protection Worker , former Women's Shelter worker, Claudette Knuckle-Dougan who fabricates evidence to support preformed conclusions that are right out of Bed Time Stories by extreme Feminists.

Don't the Supervisors have a responsibility?
No, not if your name is Robert Godman of the Children's Aid Society, you just sit back and let the corrupt criminals like Phillip Hiltz-Laforge fabricate evidence with impunity and turn a blind eye to children's disclosures of violence.

It's attitudes like that of CAS Supervisors that recently led to a 2 Million dollar order for costs against the Children's Aid Society.

At the end of the day, you can't complain to the Judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The pathological liars, fabricators of evidence like Phillip Hiltz-Laforge and Claudette Knuckle-Dougan are rewarded with rubber stamp decisions by our equally corrupt  that largely comprise of FORMER CAS LAWYERS
who don't mind fabricating evidence themselves personally and who generally turn a blind eye to blatant criminal offenses by lawyers like Marguerite Isobel Lewis of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

If you want to meet real criminals abusing Children, take a drive to 1602 Telesat Court Ottawa and ask to meet the rising Criminal Stars employed by the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Odds are that every day,  a child discloses unprovoked abuse by a mother towards a child,  but that's ok, it was only by the mother and it must all be the now absent father's fault.

check out the wanted pages at ottawamenscentre

In Canada, around 99% of mother's get what ever they ask for and almost the only time a father gets custody is if the mother does not want it or agrees she is unsuitable.

That means our Judges across Canada do not apply Law but a Male Apartheid that also dictates that only Father's can be child abusers.

Child Protection Workers see what they want to see, and, our Corrupt Family Court Judges see it as their duty to give these lower forms of life absolute power.

In Ottawa the worst of the worst of Child Abusers is "A Quack", a "hired pen" by the name of David Alexander McLean who writes reports to order to protect, the most violent of female perpetrators of  unprovoked violence towards children, simply  because the CAS refuse to acknowledge unprovoked violence by a woman.

In their corrupt perverted logic, they do anything and everything to protect violent abusers, as long as they are female and then of course, it must be all the father's fault because he had a little accident at birth and was born male.

Being born with testicles does not mean you have what is called cojones.

Ottawa CAS Supervisor Robert Godman aka Rob Godman only has courage when it comes to harassment, threats and intimidation. When it comes to child abuse, his Child Protection Workers engage in endless fabrication of evidence and ignore children's credible disclosures.

If you want to see parents who are terrified of the CAS the best examples are former employees of the Children's Aid Society who know full well that they were working for Ontario's government funded Terrorist Organization that promotes violence towards fathers and, generate them around $266,000 per child year.

Who said that crime does not pay.

Join the CAS and become a supervisor of professional fabricators of evidence who are blind to unprovoked abuse by mothers and you too can earn $121,000 a year.


23/04/2014  7:53 pm

Child Abuse In Ottawa.

This post is directed at parents in Ottawa who have children attending Catholic Elementary Schools.

The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa has several notorious Child Protection Workers who are calling schools and speaking to principles and teachers of Ottawa Catholic Elementary Schools and are marking False Defamatory Statements to staff regarding parents who have been "targeted" by the Corrupt Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Child Protection Worker Phillip Hiltz-Laforge for example is a Pathological Liar who leaves a trail of incredibly destroyed lives. In particular, he fabricates and or omits evidence in order to favour violent mothers to take children from full time fathers and

defames mothers to school principles in order to encourage school teachers and principles to exagerate and or fabricate nudge nudge allegations against parents.

Child Protection Worker Claudette Knuckle-Dougan operates in a similar fashion getting Catholic School Staff to fabricate evidence to assist mothers who perpetuate extreme unprovoked violence against children. That's right, this Claudette Knuckle-Dougan is a professional fabricator of evidence and the Catholic School staff she talks to end up calling Police to make complaints to assist the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa in abusing children and parents.

Claudette Knuckle-Dougan's supervisor is one Robert Godman who appears to have an incredible amount of power and influence in Ottawa. This particular individual engages in intimidation, antagonistic behaviour and appears to encourage his staff to engage in antagonistic, passive aggressive abusive practices that make him one of the most feared people in Ottawa.

Robert Godman is on a first name basis with many Ottawa Police and the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa directs the Ottawa Police to Lay Criminal Charges or NOT to lay criminal charges. The same organization appears to direct the corrupt Crown Attorneys of Ottawa who will STAY serious criminal charges against their "friends" or those who the CAS choose to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in advocating for those who perpetrate unprovoked serious violence towards children.

If you have any contact with the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa make sure you instruct your school principle and staff to advise you immediately of any contact and or communication from the Corrupt Criminals at the Ottawa Children's Aid Society.

If you get served legal documents from the Children's Aid Society check the lawyers name, if its Marguerite Isobel Lewis bear in mind she is a professional fabricator of evidence and will do and say anything to the court no matter how false just to keep another kid in care and gain the CAS of Ottawa another $266,000 per child year.

Parents in Ottawa can only have peace of mind by removing their children from the City of Ottawa and in particular, the Catholic Elementary Schools in Ottawa.

April 24, 2014 10:56 am

Child Abuse is defined by those who create illegal justifications for their own paychecks and the funding of their organization.

Take this Tracie Afifi who is "an assistant" at the University of Manitoba where she did a thesis and research into "family violence" which in Child Protection language means that must be a "conflict" between parents.

In the mad mad corrupt world of Child Protection, the entire industry is looking to see what it is told exists, both  parents fighting, both parents being violent in front of the children and therefore, a justification for "intervention".

The problem is that most of the time, ONE parent is a violent abuser and the other a victim. Most of the time, the perpetrator is FEMALE which is "heresy" to the supervisors of the Children's Aid Society of Ontario who have NO procedure to deal with violent mothers.

Mothers who engage in extreme unprovoked violence towards children receive literally Billions of Dollars of Ontario Tax Payer money to "Litigate" on behalf of the most violent mothers in Ontario by claiming that all HER problems can be solved by removing the FATHER from any and all involvement with the Children.

There is little difference between the Third Reich ideas of racial superiority and that of the Children's Aid Societies who believe in Gender Superiority and who promote violence and abuse towards Children and Fathers.

The Children's Aid Societies like Ottawa, are notorious for terminating children's relationships with their fathers who were victims of unprovoked domestic violence by extremely violent mothers.

Our Judicial System is the ONLY form of accountability and MOST judges most of the time simply  Rubber Stamp anything that a pathological liars like Phil Hiltz-Laforge and Claudette Knuckel-Dougan falsely swear in Affidavits.

Judges in Ottawa review incontrovertible evidence that workers and police officers like the Corrupt pathological liar Det. Peter Van der Zander fabricate evidence.

Take the Corrupt Former Children's Aid Society lawyer Timothy Minnema who after his ten year as a  CAS Lawyer, got his automatic anointment as a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court where he personally  FABRICATES evidence to assist the Children's Aid Society, then remains silent when given evidence of FABRICATION of Evidence by even the Society's own lawyer, MARGUERITE ISOBEL LEWIS.

Justice Timothy Minnema is just one of a large number of Ottawa Judges who brazenly make Rubber Stamp decisions to Obstruct Justice.

Justice Maria Linhares de Sousa is a sadistic vindictive woman who prevents disclosure from being provided in order to prevent parents from having evidence that police scumbags like Det. Peter Van Der Zander fabricates evidence to protect violent mothers who engage in unprovoked assaults against children. In one case, Det. Peter Van Der Zander fabricated evidence not to charge a  mother with even assault when a father was found bleeding from cuts around the throat after she attempted to strangle him.

Judges who were respected lawyers like Justice Robert L. Maranger become extremely lazy, and have so much contempt for parents that they just read and do what ever the CAS ask and ignore even the police reports that shock the lawyers.

If you walk down the passageway on the ground floor of the Court House of 161 Elgin Street Ottawa, you can repeatedly pass groups of lawyers all openly talking about the corrupt, child abusing lying lawyer MARGUERITE ISOBEL LEWIS.

If you want to meet a real child abusers and a real criminals who fabricate evidence to place children with female child abusers, you can meet some of Ontario's worst at 1602 Telesat Court Ottawa.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis telephone is (613) 747-7800 Extension 3241
Phil Hiltz-Laforge is (613) 747-7800 Ext. 2656

Dr. David Alexander McLean "hired pen" on the payroll of the Royal Ottawa Hospital who fabricates evidence for, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa (613) 722-6521.

Please copy and forward this post. Your vote of approval for this post will be appreciated by all the victims of what Ontario Lawyers openly refer to as "The Gestapo".

Check out the wanted pages at ottawamenscentre


Lawyers for the Corrupt Children's Aid Society see themselves as a Feminist Institution to assist the most violent of mothers.

When the courts are presented with incontrovertible evidence of unprovoked abuse lawyers like the Evidence Fabricating Marguerite Lewis have a knee jerk reaction to claim "it was discipline".

CAS "Child Protection Workers" routinely ignore any and all disclosures of children of serious unprovoked violence against children with the almost automatic reply, "it was discipline".

That includes a mother punching her daughter in the face with blood pooling in the carpet.

Child Abusers are an evil breed, who generally suffer serious mental health and or personality problems.

Lawyers like Marguerite Isobel Lewis are never diagnosed but show all the symptoms of being at least borderline or more probably psychopaths.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis promotes false allegations of sexual abuse against fathers while actually fabricating evidence to protect the most violent of mothers.

Child Protection Workers like Phil Hiltz-Laforge of the Ottawa Children's Aid Society (613) 747-7800  Ex 2656  abuse children and parents by fabricating evidence to create "interventions" that remove children from full time fathers to place them with the most violent of mothers.

Phil Hiltz-Laforge also fabricates evidence against mothers to place children in the Care of the Corrupt Children's Aid Society where this kind of work is supervised by none other than the likes of

Robert Godman.

If you want to meet real Child Abusers and the worst criminals in Canada who commit offenses such as fabrication of evidence and obstruction of justice  take a drivie down to 1602 Telesat Crt Ottawa and ask to speak to Phil Hiltz-Laforg.

These criminals are protected by even worse examples of criminals like Vikii Bair, the head Crown Attorney in Ottawa who gets paid $200,000 a year to STAY charges against criminals like Marguerite Isobel Lewis and to prosecute the male victims of unprovoked Female violence.

If you are a father in Ottawa, and you are a victim of Domestic Violence DO NOT CALL the Corrupt Ottawa Police who promote violence against fathers. If you call the Ottawa Police you could just end up with Det. Peter Van Der Zander who personally fabricates evidence to assist the most violent of women who attempt to kill their husbands.

In Ottawa the leading extreme feminists promote the murder of men and encourage such murder to be justified by claims of abuse.

Ottawa is a dangerous place to be a parent and even more dangerous to be a father.