Ottawa Police Services Board to consider report on expanded Taser access


Qualified, first-class police officers should be authorized to carry conducted energy weapons (CEWs) known as Tasers, says a new report from the Ottawa Police Service.

The long-awaited report will bring Ottawa police one step closer to equipping more officers with the tactical weapons in situations that call for it. It proposes a two-year deployment plan, after which police will assess the effectiveness of having ready access to Tasers.

The report also recommends the police force purchase up to 100 new Tasers in the second year of the deployment plan.

The Ottawa Police Services Board will consider the recommendations at a meeting Monday evening.

Currently, only front line supervisors and officers from the Tactical Unit can carry a Taser with them, making their availability on the road range from 15 to five. Officers who will carry them under the new plan will have to meet certain criteria and undergo routine training.

Equipping more frontline officers will not come at an extra cost and is “fiscally prudent,” the report said.

The 17-page report includes anecdotes of real-life police calls in which a Taser was used by an officer to diffuse a situation.

In one example, a woman from Toronto contacted Ottawa police because she was concerned for the safety of her brother who lived in the capital. When police arrived at his home, they found him in the bathtub with deep cuts to his wrist and waved a razor blade at the officers.

“Fortunately, a member of the Tactical Unit happened to be on his way to an unrelated meeting in the vicinity of the call, and was able to attend and assist. The CEW was successfully deployed and the man was taken to the hospital for treatment,” the report noted.

The report suggests having front line officers equipped with immediate access to Tasers is a matter of both officer and public safety.

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Source  Ottawa Metro

Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Ottawa police Sgt. Paul Mcintyre demonstrates the use of the X26 Taser at Ottawa police headquarters.

The Ottawa Police Services board represent hundreds of Millions of dollars spent by taxpayers largely devoted to promoting domestic violence towards men.

Ottawa is riddled with organizations like the Ottawa Police, the Children's Aid Society who effectively promote violence by women towards fathers.

Typical is this sort of behaviour is that of Ottawa Corrupt cop, Detective Peter Van Der Zander who Fabricates Evidence to NOT charge perpetrators of unprovoked extreme violence by women towards men.

Ontario Police complaints are whitewashed, the Professional Standards of Ottawa Police take NO interest what so ever in Criminal Offenses committed by Police officers or those in Power and Authority in Ottawa.

The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa gets some 80 Million Dollars a year which is largely spent promoting hatred and violence towards fathers. They don't even have a program to assist Female Perpetrator of violence towards children and Fathers.

Their supervised access program is largely used to "supervise" male victims of domestic violence.

This same corrupt Criminal organization operates by Fabricating Evidence and when they don't have any, they use their Corrupt Pathological Lying Lawyer, Marguerite Isobel Lewis to personally fabricate evidence, tthat is, to fabricate admissions of the worst child abuse and spousal abuse that were never made.

The Ottawa Police spends hundreds of Millions of Dollars promoting hatred towards fathers and prosecuting and charging Male Victims of Domestic Violence. That's what happens to male victims of Domestic Violence in Ottawa when they call the Ottawa Police.

Typical is a male who is suffering serious injuries from either assaults or murder attempts who is then arrested and charged despite incontrovertible evidence of psychopath violent woman.

Criminals, professional fabricators of evidence Like Det. Peter Van Der Zander get away with it because their immediate superiors condone such behaviour. Those superiors extend all the way to the Chief of the Police, the Police Services Board and the Ottawa Police Association all of whom will abuse their power and authority to prosecute anyone who dares expose their Criminal Activities that are paid for by taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars each year and which then cost the victims and the province of Ontario, the residents of Ottawa many Billions of dollars in addition to the trail of abused children and parents left in their wake.

It only needs the likes of Corrupt Cops like Det. Peter Van Der Zander to spend a few minutes on a case to create costs of Millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs to the community in addition to the child abuse and his abuse of victims of domestic violence.

The behaviour of Det. Peter Van Der Zander is well known by those who have contact with him. There is very obviously a significant number of Ottawa Police Officers who have personal knowledge that would put Det. Peter Van Der Zander in jail IF, there was any way that the Ottawa Police would charge their own.

Det. Peter Van Der Zander is most probably a psychopath, he has a propensity for inflicting terror and abuse upon victims of abuse to protect perpetrators of unprovoked extreme violence.

It is also obvious that the Ottawa Police have sufficient numbers of superior officers with similar personalities and lack of guts to do anything about one of the worst insults to Policing in the western world let alone Canada.

US Customs and Border Protection
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
(Федера́льная слу́жба безопа́сности Росси́йской Федера́ции)

Det. Peter Van Der Zander has committed criminal offenses of "Moral Turpitude" and should NOT be permitted entry to any other country especially the United States, and in the countries of the citizenship of his victims, Australia and Russia.

Det. Питер Ван Дер Зандер совершил уголовные преступления "нравственная распущенность", и не должно быть разрешено въезд в любой другой стране, особенно Соединенные Штаты, и в странах гражданства своих жертв, Австралии и России.

A reward of $1,000 is offered for information regarding Det. Peter Van Der Zander.
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Ottawa Mens Centre