‘It is now or never’ for Holocaust survivors to tell their stories



Judith Nemes Black with her husband Emile Svarc shows an enlargement of a postcard her mother was allowed to send to her father while he was detained in a labour camp in eastern Europe during the Second World War, at her home in Montreal. Nemes Black, a child survivor of the Holocaust, is one of the organizers of Yom Hashoah, an annual event to commemorate the murdered and survivors of the Holocaust.

Photograph by: John Mahoney , The Gazette

Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Holocaust experience should never be forgotten for the danger that constantly exists of similar experiences.

In Ottawa Ontario, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa are commonly referred to by local lawyers, many of whom are jewish as, "The Gestapo" and for good reasons.

Lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa Marguerite Isobel Lewis personally fabricates evidence in the courtroom to remove children from fathers and to place children with mothers who perpetrate the worst sort of unprovoked violence towards children and partners.

Just as Hilter adopted racial cleansing, the "Gestapo" of Ottawa systematically remove children from fathers and place them with violent mothers. They also concentrate of destroying marriages to divide, separate and effectively run a program that promotes Violence towards fathers while terrorizing and treating fathers as sub human.

If you think the danger of the Holocaust is over, think again and visit 1602 Telesat Court Ottawa where the Male Cleansing operation is funded by the Ontario Government to the tune of a Billion Dollars a year.

Child Protection Workers like Phil Hiltz-Laforge of the CAS Ottawa are notorious for fabricating evidence and workers like Claudette Knuckle-Dougan call children liars if they disclose abuse by mothers.

These workers are obviously encouraged and intimidated to fabricate and or ignore evidence by their supervisors like Robert GODman who like most CAS Supervisors believes the CAS have "the Power of God" (see the movie Blakout.ca)

Readers should take a read of the latest Ontario decision against the London Middlesex CAS who were hit with a Costs order of Two Million Dollars where a Supervisor, removed 475 pages of disclosure by children of violence by a mother, and the Grays County case where they used the "Extended visit" scam to act as god and place children with abusive carers instead of the mother.

A reward of $1,000 is offered for information regarding any employee or lawyer of the Children's Aid Society that assists in bringing these child abusers to justice.

Ottawa Mens Centre

Hate, discrimination and Gender Cleansing are escalating in Canada and in particular in Ottawa Ontario where a Billion Dollars a year is spent on promoting hatred towards fathers.

The Ottawa Police get around $400 Million Dollars a year and most of that is spent PROMOTING VIOLENCE towards fathers to the point that any man who calls police with blood dripping from his throat after his wife tried to kill him, will be arrested, incarcerated, have his children removed from him, and thrown in an Ontario Concentration Camp for the sole reason of by accident of birth, having been born a male.

If you want to meet a Criminal, a male one, you can go to 464 Elgin Street Ottawa and ask to meet Detective Peter Van Der Zander who personally fabricates evidence NOT to charge the most violent perpetrators of unprovoked violence towards children and partners.

Its a very good reason why all parents should NOT live in Ottawa and why fathers in particular should not live in the province of Ontario which is subject "The Gestapo", that's the name Ontario Lawyers use for the dreaded Children's Aid Societies of Ontario who operate effectively as a Secret Police, with Secret Courts with their Own Judges like Tim Minnema who got to be judge after spending years working for the same Criminal Organization "The Children's Aid Society" before he became a judge where he personally fabricates evidence to assist the CAS in their father / male cleansing operations. Records show that the same Tim Minnema was at one time a member of the Notorious Dutch Reform Church who were during WW2 famous for their support of nazi ideas or racial superiority that he now replaces with ideas of Gender Superiority.

Ottawa Mens Centre

Now Jewish men are victims of a modern Holocaust and there are plenty of Jewish women who join in the male bashing, gender cleansing operations run by organizations like "Jewish Family Resource Centres" that are thinly disguised "one Stop Divorce Shops" for women of any religion as long as they have a pathological hatred of at least the father of their children and wish to terminate the children's relationship with their father.

It's this kind of modern Gender Superiority ideas that now come close to emulating the ideas used by the Third Reich in their Racial superiority programs.

Promotion of hatred is a crime and those men and women who believe in equality must stand up and fight any "superiority program" that is designed to treat any group in society with hatred because of their gender at birth.