RCMP introduce new code of conduct

Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The RCMP are to be commended on first admitting that there is a problem and secondly for having the courage to do something about it despite the fact that most Canadians will have next to no confidence that this "new code" will make any difference, but it is a positive step that needs to be watched carefully that it is put into practice.

They can start by taking a look at Criminal Offenses committed in the Nations Capital Ottawa where we have a Billion Dollars a year spent by Governments on
Criminal Organizations like
The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa where even their Lawyers like

Personally Fabricate Evidence to ABUSE children and abuse if not TERRORIZE the male victims of domestic Violence and the terror and abuse inflicted by
The Children's aid Society of Ottawa.

In Ottawa there are a large number of RCMP members who have been personally terrorized and or abused by the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa and also, the their enforcement arm, the Ottawa Police.

Take Detective Peter Van Der Zander, Ottawa's number One Corrupt Evidence Fabricating Insult to Police everywhere who, personally fabricates evidence to NOT CHARGE the most violent perpetrators of violence towards children and partners.

The Ottawa Police take their instructions from "The Gestapo" the common name lawyers give to the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

If the RCMP want to meet REAL CHILD ABUSERS then can go down to
1602 Telesat Court and ask to meet
their team of Child Protection Workers and amongst the most notorious are
Phil Hiltz-Laforge a pathological liar and fabricator of evidence.

Then there is Claudette Knuckel-Dougan who abuses children by keeping them in care unnecessarily to protect and advocate for some of the Most Violent perpetrators of violence towards children and fathers.

These individuals should NOT be admitted to any other country as they have committed crimes of Moral Turpitude.

The legal profession has a way of dealing with these pitiful examples of humanity, they refuse to look at them in the court-room and or hang their heads.

It's rather an amazing sight, lawyers spot these criminals, hang their heads and look anywhere but at them.

If you meet Marguerite Isobel Lewis or Phil Hiltz-Laforge, remember that these people are protected by the Corrupt Ottawa Police and it appears the entire Judiciary of Ottawa who are largely comprised of either Former CAS lawyers or judges who are too gutless to do their durty.

Don't expect the Crown Attorney's in Ottawa to ever prosecute a case against a member of Ottawa's largest Criminal Organization, the Children's Aid Society.

The "Gestapo", direct the Crown Attorneys to lay charges and to STAY charges especially those charges laid against violent mothers or evidence fabricating lawyers like
Marguerite Isobel Lewis, a child abusing pathological liar who as a lawyer commits blatant offenses in the court room against the Administration of Justice.

Ottawa Mens Centre