Today’s letters: ‘Discrimination’ against law school grads

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Re: Ontario Closes Door On Trinity Western Grads, April 25.

The decision by the Law Society of Upper Canada to not allow law graduates of Trinity Western University (TWU) to practice in Ontario highlights the growing intolerance in our society (even by well-educated professionals, such as lawyers) to allow religious people to practice their faith. Students who choose to attend TWU know that while studying there, the university requires them to abide by the ethical teachings of historic Christianity. The university is not teaching students to force their future clients to abide by Christian morality. In fact, a good part of the instruction of such a religious institution is to teach how to live by one’s beliefs while tolerating the beliefs of others.

But this is apparently not good enough for the Law Society of Upper Canada. A majority of its board finds it “abhorrent” that a Christian educational institution would want to maintain a Christian ethos in its community. The Society finds it “backward” that the Christian university requires its members to abide by Christian ethical commitments. In other words, you can believe what you want, but you just can’t require your members to practice it in your community. So, who really is the intolerant body here? Lawyers should know better.
Gene Haas, Hamilton, Ont.

So a group of lawyers has taken a vote against Christian ethics. Why should anyone be surprised?
Richard Peachey, Abbotsford, B.C.

I admit, I risk repeating myself. But, I can’t avoid it, as the following question has never been answered. If Trinity Western University were anything but a Christian university — instead, a Muslim, Buddhist or Jewish institution, for example —would its graduates be forbidden from practicing law in Ontario? Or would the Law Society of Upper Canada be reminding us of our pluralistic, multicultural society?
Jerry Pryde, Stoney Creek, Ont.

Could someone kindly explain to me the propriety of disciplining an institution that violates someone’s human rights by punishing the potential victim? Most students will likely wish to attend Trinity Western University for reasons that have nothing with sexual orientation; indeed, many of which have to do with religious choice. If Trinity Western does, in fact, discriminate against gay students, the school could be sanctioned by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal under section 16 of B.C.’s Human Rights Code. But our Law Society should not be doing the punishing, especially against its innocent students. I will not be surprised if this decision will be met by a successful legal challenge.
John Tibor Syrtash (Law ’79 Queens), Toronto.

Since the Ontario legal profession is so manifestly guilty of discrimination against Trinity Western University’s law grads on prohibited grounds—religious belief—the BC law society should exclude all members of the Ontario bar from practicing in B.C.
Steve Weatherbe, Victoria.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Vast majority of lawyers graduating from Trinity Western University will not want to step foot in Canada's most corrupt province of Ontario.   In my view, the Christian ethic should also be one of tolerance and compassion towards the gay and lesbians of Ontario who have formed an effective Oligarchy of Power.

The Law Society has very serious problems in Ontario and it finds it offensive that "Christians" might have their own code of ethics.  While anyone waving a bible and or any religious symbol raises a question of credibility, so does the Law Society's failure to deal with Criminal Offenses by Lawyers in Ontario.

Here are a list of lawyers -UNconvicted Criminals.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis on September 27, 2012 in the City of Ottawa did Obstruct Justice by FABRICATING EVIDENCE "obstruct Justice". You see, lawyers can give judges false information but its not perjury, atheir "Oath" is not considered to be as "sworn" in the court room.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis then used decisions based upon her FABRICATED EVIDENCE to get more decisions.

Ottawa LEAD Crown Attorney TARA DOBEC "STAYED CHARGES" against her fellow extreme man hating feminist "Marguerite Isobel Lewis"  despite incontrovertible evidence of the offense BEFORE any court hearing could take place.

Ottawa LEAD CROWN ATTORNEY VIKKI BAIR,  who earns $200,000 a year, STAYED Charges against Ottawa Lawyer
ROBIE STEWART LOOMER who did in fact on September 17, 2012 commit PERJURY by Swearing an Affidavit of Service when he had NOT served the documents  before an Ottawa Court Clerk who was a commissioner for taking oaths and affidavits in the Province of Ontario

You see, every Court Clerk and law firm in Ottawa is familiar with Robie Stewart Loomer's habitual practice of personally swearing and filing affidavits of service without having served the documents. On this occasion the law firm was expecting him to pull his usual stunt of swearing a false affidavit of service, then filing it with the documents that had not been served, all of which "Obstructs Justice".

Ontario Crown  Attorneys include Criminals like Tara Dobec and perhaps worst of all, Vikii Bair who seem to spend their careers prosecuting abuses of process, that all too frequently include prosecutions against Male Victims of Domestic Violence while these same CORRUPT LAWYERS stay charges against the most violent of female offenders.

Ontario Police Forces are a Corrupt Disgrace, they habitually fabricate evidence for their own political correctness and FUNDING. Most of Ontario's police funding is Promoting Violence towards FATHERS.

The worst of the worst COPS include Detective Peter Van Der Zander who personally fabricates evidence to NOT charge violent women who are caught red handed trying to kill their husbands by strangulation. If the genders were reversed, charges would be automatic and go to trial automatically.

Ottawa Crown Attorney's like Tara Dobec and Vikii Bair commit criminal offenses of Obstruction of Justice all with the blessing of the Law Society.

One of the prime reasons Canada is a lawless corrupt society is  because the Law Society REFUSES to investigate any example of Criminal Offenses by those entrusted to serve and protect especially Corrupt Crown Attorney's who support lawyers who commit the most serious criminal offenses against the administration of Justice.

If you think the Law Society is bad, spare a thought for Judicial Council who simple trash any and all complaints concerning Judges who fabricate evidence and or Obstruct Justice to, protect lawyers and Police officers who commit the most serious offenses against the administration of justice.

As you walk the corridors of the court houses of Ontario, you will hear groups of lawyers all talking about how Ontario is a Corrupt Lawless state and where the worst criminals in society are those with Absolute Power that is abused absolutely.

Even worse is Canada's collection of gutless corrupt politicians who do not have the courage to open their mouths to address the escalating lawlessness in Canada.