Kathleen Wynne condemns Brampton anti-immigration flyers

Ontario's premier is lashing out at what she calls a “hateful flyer” being distributed in the Brampton.

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne has condemned what she calls a "hateful flyer" being distributed in Brampton.

Ontario's premier is lashing out at what she calls a "hateful flyer" being distributed in Brampton"hateful flyer" being distributed in Brampton.

Kathleen Wynne has issued a statement saying she will not tolerate what she calls the "hateful politics of division in Ontario."

Media reports say the flyers show a black and white picture of a group of Caucasians above separate photograph of a group of Sikhs with captions that read "from this...to this..."

Underneath the two pictures is a caption "Is This What You Want?"

Media reports quote some local residents as saying they're quite upset by the flyer _ one person described it as racist and offensive.

Wynne's statement says Ontario is a beacon of inclusiveness but that can't be taken for granted.

"Every time people try to pull us apart, we're going to fight back and that brings us all closer together," said the statement issued Saturday.

The flyer lists a website of a group called Immigration Watch Canada.

The group did not immediately respond to an email asking whether it is responsible for the flyer.

The Toronto Star reported Thursday that the group confirmed its members in Brampton distributed the flyers in the past week.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Kathleen Wynne is simply diverting attention from her own support for Ontario's official Promotion of Hatred towards men that robs Ontario of Billions of Dollars for the support of Kathleen Wynne's favorite cause, that of her fellow extreme feminists, the corrupt Criminal cartel called
The Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

Kathleen Wynne would be quite at home drinking tea with corrupt evidence Fabricating Extreme Feminist Lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis who personally Fabricates Evidence in the Court Room before

Former lawyers like Timothy Minnema who used to work for the Children's Aid Society before he became a judge where he continues to Rubber Stamp anything and everything for the Children's Aid Society and against Fathers.

Tim Minnema is not typical of the hundreds of Ontario Judges who being former CAS lawyers, rubber Stamp CAS reuests.

Tim Minnema NOT only Fabricates evidence personally but turns a deliberate blind eye to Fabrication of Evidence by the worst most vile child abusers in Ontario like CAS Lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis who fabricates evidence personally.

Kathleen Wynne diverts attention from Ontario's mult-Billion dollar account spent on Ontario's Promotion of Hatred towards Fathers that takes a Gender Cleansing Third Reich view that fathers should be treated akin to how Jews were treated by the Third Reich.