Ashley Smith case prompts prison pilot program



Ashley Smith, 19, died at the Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener in plain view of prison guards.

Photograph by: HO , THE CANADIAN PRESS

The Royal Ottawa Hospital has its own problem with the Criminals who are either insane or having severe personality disorders.

The worst example of a CORRUPT CHILD ABUSER and Fabricator of Evidence is
"hired pen" , "quack", Doctor David Alexander McLean who fabricates evidence to protect the perpetrators of unprovoked violence against Children and Partners.

Dr. David Alexander McLean is an unconvicted criminal who writes what ever Ottawa's Criminals at the Children's Aid Society ask him to.

The Royal Ottawa Hospital is well aware they have an Evidence Fabricating Child Abusing "Hired Pen" on their direct payroll who in reality only works for the Corrupt Children's Aid Society who have supervisors like Robert GODman who thinks he has the power of god to abuse children simply to assist Female Perpetrators of unprovoked violence against children.

Dr. David McLean supports Criminals, Child Abusers, Fabricators of Evidence like Claudette Knuckle-Dougan who advocates for her most violent of female abusers of children, provides them with unlimited legal services at a cost to the Taxpayer of millions of dollars.
Claudette Knuckle-Dougan is similar to Phil Hiltz-Laforge, a professional Child Abusing Fabricator of Evidence.

The Corrupt Children's Aid Society of Ottawa are a State Funded Criminal Organization that use Taxes of Ontario parents to abuse children and to protect child abusers who happen to be female or politically correct.

Check out where Ontario Lawyers describe how this corrupt criminal organization is out of control and should be scrapped.

Ottawa Lawyers call these lowest forms of life "The Gestapo".

If you are a psychopath with a propensity for abusing Children and have an ability to be a pathological liar, The Children's Aid Society are current seeking more Child Protection Workers where you can work with real criminals and get to fabricate evidence and or leave a trail of destroyed lives and be proof that crime pays.