Learn the signs of violence against women at Ottawa forum

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Domestic violence in Ottawa gets reported 3-5 times a day. Nearly 90% of the time, a man is responsible for the violence. That’s higher than the national average.

Could you tell if a woman you know is in danger?

After several acts of violence against women in Orléans have made news, a local resource centre is hosting a community forum to spread the word about the red flags of abuse and everyone's responsibility to help make it stop.

"We are going to talk about some of the signs people in the community can recognize -- whether they have a friend, a neighbour, a co-worker who may be experiencing violence," said Chantal Cadieux of the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre.

"We want to let the community know they have a role to play in helping prevent violence against women."

The forum May 13 from 7-9 p.m. at Ecole des voyageurs in Orléans will include personal stories of escape and information about the services that are available.

The resource centre's free, bilingual help for women city-wide include a 24-hour crisis line, support groups, counselling for victims and their children and practical assistance with things like finding safe housing and going to court.

More than 3,300 women and children were helped last year.

The signs can range from being increasingly withdrawn and isolated to unexplained injuries, missing work and canceling outings with friends.

People who see them can ask a woman if she is safe, reassure her that she will be believed and let her know that professionals are there to help.

"We want people to point women in the right direction - we can take it from there," Cadieux said.


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