Law-school deans join critics of Harper’s attack on top judge

The Canadian Council of Law Deans has joined a growing chorus from the legal community condemning the Conservative government’s criticisms of Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.

The council, representing all 23 deans of the country’s law schools, said it is gravely concerned that criticism from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Justice Minister Peter MacKay could harm the independence of the country’s top court.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement last week accusing the Chief Justice of trying to involve Mr. Harper in an inappropriate conversation about a case that could come before the court – on the eligibility of a Federal Court judge for appointment to the Supreme Court. Both Mr. Harper and Mr. MacKay repeated that assertion in the House of Commons this week.

But the deans said “the facts that have come to light confirm, to the contrary, that the Chief Justice’s actions were beyond reproach and consistent with the dignity of her office.”

The deans urged the Prime Minister and Mr. MacKay to “immediately and unequivocally withdraw any statement that could be understood as impugning the integrity of the Chief Justice and the independence of the Supreme Court of Canada.”

They went on to point to the legal community’s wide opposition to the PMO’s statement. The Canadian Bar Association (representing 37,000 lawyers and judges), the Advocates Society and 11 former presidents of the Canadian Bar Association, have issued similar calls on the Prime Minister to withdraw his criticisms of Chief Justice McLachlin.

“There are very few issues on which all members of the legal community spontaneously agree,” the deans said.

“The unanimous condemnation of the government’s statements regarding Chief Justice McLachlin reflects our shared sentiment that this is an unfortunate and unprecedented attack on one of the most important institutions of Canada’s constitutional democracy.”

Chief Justice McLachlin issued a statement last week in response to the PMO’s assertions, saying that she had spoken to Mr. MacKay two months before the Prime Minister named Justice Marc Nadon of the Federal Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. Her call was meant to flag a potential legal issue, not comment on the merits of that issue, she said.

The government eventually asked the court to rule on Justice Nadon’s eligibility, and the court rejected him, by a 6-1 count. Chief Justice McLachlin was in the majority.

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Law School deans are willing to openly shoot their mouths off regarding Harper's choice but say very little about the obvious unsuitability of Lawyers selected in Ontario to be judges.

At the top of that government dictated list of political correctness are the
Lawyers from Ontario's Largest Government Funded Criminal Cartel of 48 Private unaccountable Corporations called "The Children's Aid Societies of Ontario".

Everyone should view the Documentary "Powerful as God" at

Lawyers like Kingston CAS lawyer Timmothy Minnema for example was appointed a Superior Court Judge where he Personally Fabricates evidence in the typical style of CAS lawyers who "claim admissions" when of course, the evidence is the contrary, the poor victim of the CAS actually denies the allegations.

In Ottawa CAS Lawyer "wan-a-be" judge Marguerite Isobel Lewis Personally Fabricates Evidence to illegally, to ABUSE CHILDREN by unnecessarily keeping them in care simply because it was a Full Time Male Victim of Domestic Violence who had "charge" of the child , ie, the Father was the full time child care provider.

Telling a man hating CAS employee that a father is or was a male victim of domestic violence is like waving a red rag at a bull, in this case, an extreme feminist lawyer with a pathological hatred towards fathers.

But, that's normal in the courts in Ottawa where most of the Judiciary are Former CAS lawyers who with rare exceptions, are nothing more than Rubber Stamps for what local lawyers call "The Gestapo", the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa".

The law school Deans know all about Marguerite Isobel Lewis and were all provided with a criminal information of "obstructing Justice" and "Fabricating evidence" which Corrupt Extreme Feminist Crown Attorney TARA DOBEC STAYED the charge, no doubt, this is another example of how
the worst abusers, in society, the worst criminals, who betray justice and society go on to be selected to be judges and further bring the administration of Justice into ill repute.

The next most unsuitable Extreme FEminist Man hater is Crown Attorney
VIKII BAIR who must be, due to her Corrupt abuses of power, be one of the
Government's aka "The Establishments" most favorite criminals to be a judge.

Vikii Bair used a jail house convicted perjurer to keep 4 men in jail nearly 16 years each before they were set free - See KangarooJustice dot org.

The Prime Minister and the entire conservative party, not to mention the Liberals, give scant attention to the incredible Corruption, the incredible Child Abuse that goes on at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa where the Judges act as robotic Rubber Stamps for the Corrupt Ottawa Police and worst of all, Rubber STamps for
"The Gestapo", Ottawa's "Baby-Snatchers" who habitually Fabricate evidence to
earn themselves a pot of god, $266,000 per child / year in care and the JackPot, around One Million Dollars for each child made a Crown ward.

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