Ottawa man arrested for string of sexual assaults

By Staff The Canadian Press

A 25-year-old man appeared in an Ottawa courtroom on Friday afternoon for a series of sexual assault charges that date back two years.

Yousef Hussein was arrested in relation to six sexual assaults between August 2012 and October last year.

He appeared by video, briefly, wearing a blue T-shirt and with his cuffed hands clasped before him.

His bail hearing will be May 21, but the proceedings will be under a publication ban.

Police began an investigation into three alleged assaults that took place between August of 2012 and October last year.

But Hussein has also been charged in three other sexual assaults that occurred in March, June and October of last year that were not part of the initial investigation.

He is charged with six counts of sex assault, three counts of overcoming resistance and two counts each of break and enter and committing an indecent act.

Police Chief Charles Bordeleau says investigators pulled out all the stops in trying to make an arrest and he commended victims for coming forward.

“Identifying and arresting the person responsible for these crimes has been a priority for the Ottawa Police Service and I want to thank the investigators for their work,” Bordeleau told a news conference on Friday morning.

“I especially want to recognize the great courage and resilience of the women who came forward to police. It’s vital that these crimes are reported.”

More charges could be laid as the investigation continues.

Bordeleau refused to discuss details of the investigation now that evidence is going before a court.

Police received hundreds of tips after going public with accusations from three women that said they were choked and sexually assaulted after being approached by a man as they walked alone at night.

– With files from Metro’s Lucy Scholey


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Chief Bordeleau runs Ottawa's largest Criminal Organization, the Ottawa Police who spend most of their budget Promoting Violence against fathers.

The Ottawa Police claim that 90% of victims of domestic violence are women and it's
Corrupt, Child Abusing,  Evidence Fabricating cops like
Detective Constable PETER VAN DER ZANDER who

Fabricate evidence NOT to charge the most violent of female abusers of children and fathers.

Chief Bordeleau hires perhaps the largest group of psychopaths in Ottawa who 

are encouraged to enter information into the Ottawa Police secret files that cops need to make entries in order to be considered for promotion.

The fact is, you don't get to be a detective in the Ottawa Police unless you make at least the generally accepted minimum level of "entries" into the files that are NEVER DISCLOSED however , these files lead to arrests of the innocent and terrorizing of those the Ottawa Police don't like.

Ottawa has effectively a secret police who are accountable to no one and are protected by Judges who refuse to order disclosure and or support "The Gestapo", or what is officially called "The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa"

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