Sex assault stats could be a good thing: sociologist


An access to information request has revealed that the 400-block of Elgin Street is the most problematic area when it comes to sexual assault, with 74 incidents being reported in the last 12 years.

An Ottawa sociologist says the fact that Ottawa has seen almost 6,000 reported sexual assault cases over the last 12 years is actually a good thing, as it suggests  more victims are coming forward in what is typically an “underreported” issue.

Isabelle Côté, a Social Sciences and Social Work professor at the University of Ottawa says Canada’s capital is full of resources geared to victims of sexual violence and the city’s services may be encouraging victims to report more crimes.

“In Ottawa, I know there is lots of programs, resources, so maybe it’s easier for victims to disclose, because they know there are people out there for them who can believe them, who they can trust,” Côté told Metro Thursday. “Obviously in places where there is more prevention, there is a decrease in sexual assault.”

Côté was quick to point out though that only about 10 per cent of attacks are reported.

She said the fact that Ottawa is a government town has no bearing on how prevalent sexual assault is in the city. In fact, she said cities full of highly successful residents typically lead to more victims remaining silent. Racism, social class and stereotypes around sexual assault play into whether a complainant is believed, she said.

“In reality, what we have seen is that women are victimized by colleagues, fathers, brothers, some of them are judges and lawyers, but we tend not to believe the victim as much if the perpetrator is a man that is wealthy in society.”


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre



While feminists complain that only 10% of sex assault cases are reported, they fail to mention that the ratio of men reporting abuse or sexual assault is negligible by comparison and is in fact dropping due to the Ontario Government's Fascist ideas of "Gender Superiority" where men have next to no legal rights.


Ottawa Police Claim for example that 90% of victims of domestic violence are female while acknowledging that men are far less likely to report domestic violence.

Sex assault, rape is even less reported by men. If there was true equality in law,  the courts would not be overwhelmed with extreme Feminist Crown Attorney's prosecuting male victims while STAYING charges against Violent Women.