Tim Hudak goes with ‘subways, subways, subways,’ plans to cancel four LRT lines


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Tim Hudak appears to be having delusions of grandeur and in dire need of a bucket of ice water poured over him, and even that is unlikely to see any improvement to his insight or that of ANY other politician in Ontario.

Ontario is a Corrupt Dangerous Place to live with taxpayers paying Billions of dollars for thousands of Ontario Government direct or indirect employees engaged in Crimes against Humanity.

Take the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa where "Supervisor'  "ROBERT GODMAN" is more of a GOD-FATHER in Ottawa where he effectively operates Ottawas largest criminal organization that costs the Taxpayers of  Ontario and the Citizens of Ottawa around 100 Million Dollars in direct operating costs to "Apprehend" just some 300 children per year.  That means the Baby /  Child Snatchers gain $266,000 per child kept in care and around One Million Dollars for snatching a child at birth and, having that child adopted.

The Theft, and Sale of children is one of the most despicable criminal acts in Society and it is all done by Fabricating Evidence.

Supervisors like ROBERT GODMAN are the greatest danger to Society in that they direct, intimidate, threaten, and cause sheer terror to almost all of his victims via his criminals like CLAUDETTE KNUCKLE-DOUGAN an Evidence Fabricating Pathological Liar of a Father Hater whose role is to Promote Violence against Fathers.

The Children's Aid Societies of Ontario have another name given to them by the Lawyers of Ontario "The Gestapo".

While our politicians turn a Blind Eye to Ontario's payment of Billions of Dollars to Professional Criminals and Child Abusers like ROBERT GODMAN , Ontario will become a province where Parents will be leaving in droves simply to be able to raise children without having to worry about "The Baby Snatchers" that plague Ontario Hospitals, looking for the slightest pretext upon which to "Snatch-a-Baby" from a vulnerable mother with a prescription drug interaction or a father prescribed the wrong meds or more commonly, a father whose only crime is to call police when his wife attempts to kill him.

When Fathers Call Police in Ontario, most of the time, male victims of domestic violence get arrested and charged for daring to state that they were victims of female violence.

When these matters go to court, Corrupt Crown Attorney's like VIKII BAIR TARA DOBEC & VIVIAN LEE, prosecute male victims of domestic violence for committing "heresy" .

Then the most vile examples of humanity Lawyers and former lawyers for the Children's Aid Society turned judges take children from male victims of domestic violence and give them to the most violent of mothers simply because in Ontario, there is a FASCIST program of "Gender Superiority" that reminds us all that the first person to use the expression "Best Interests of the Child" was none other than the leader of Germany's Third Reich".

For all this we can thank the many decades of Gutless Ontario Politicians who turned a blind eye and failed to deal with "The Gestapo" of Ontario.

If you know an employee of the Children's Aid Society, tell them that they work for Ontario's largest Criminal Organization of Professional Child Abusers.

Ottawa Mens Centre