Police seize loaded gun in ByWard Market, charge two men

Emma Loop


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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

While the various police forces devote billions of dollars targeted on the proliferation of firearms, there is as yet, no random searching of vehicles crossing from the USA. Without random searching there is no way that the Government can have any idea of just what percentage of vehicles are illegally importing firearms.

The police resources to "Guns and Gangs" as designed to be a positive publicity promotion of "law and order" that fits the Hollywood idea of fighting crime.

In Ottawa, the worst Criminals, Child Abusers are Funded by the Ontario Government in the form of "The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa" (openly referred to by lawyers as "The Gestapo" )
who actually get to direct the Police in making arrests, laying charges or more to the point in NOT laying charges, against FEMALE OFFENDERS of the worst forms of unprovoked violence against children and Fathers.

The Ottawa Police "defer" to the Children's Aid Society, decisions as to if Domestic Violence Charges or related charges including assaults on children should be laid or NOT laid.
Both the Ottawa Police and the CAS both promote Domestic violence against fathers to promote a myth that virtually all perpetrators of domestic violence are male and the victims Female.

Any father with a brain in Ottawa knows NOT to call police and if he does, HE will be arrested and that the children in his full time care will be taken away from him.

This Fascist Gender Superiority Program is "supervised" by CAS Supervisor ROBERT GODMAN, the effeminate GOD-FATHER of Ottawa, who shaves his head, operates with a staff of psychopaths who terrorize and abuse children by fabricating evidence and by giving "directions" to the Ottawa Police and the gutless cowards in the Ottawa Police who lack the courage to lay charges against the Criminals at "The Ottawa Gestapo".

Child Protection Workers like PHIL HILTZ-LAFORGE, LIAM BOWMAN and CLAUDETTE KNUCKLE-DOUGAN Fabricate evidence to assist the FEMALE perpetrators of unprovoked violence against Children and Fathers.

The Ottawa Gestapo effectively operate a terror organization that even has control of the Judiciary like
the Blatantly Corrupt Maria Linhares De Sousa, Catherine Aitken, Allan Sheffield, Jennifer Belishen. Other former CAS lawyers like Timothy Minnema who worked for the Kingston Gestapo, personally fabricate evidence for the Ottawa Gestapo to give them what they want.

Tim Minnema even turns a blind eye to Fabrication of Evidence by MARGUERITE ISOBEL LEWIS, aka "The Baby-Snatcher of Ottawa" who personally fabricates evidence to keep children in care, illegally.

Even judges who were not former CAS lawyers appear to live in fear of the CAS and local lawyers report that even Justice ROBERT L. MINNEMA will turn a blind eye to obvious criminal offenses by "the Gestapo and approve Child Abuse and Criminal Conduct by the "Ottawa Gestapo".

Next time you meet an Ottawa Cop, just remember they are the Uniformed arm of Ottawa's Secret Police, The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, aka "The Gestapo" who cost Taxpayers around $100 Million Dollars a year to operate a Government Funded Reign of Terror in Ottawa.

If you have information on the above Criminals, email ottawamenscentre@gmail.com or call (613) 797-3237