Police investigating death in Stittsville


May 21, 2014

Police are investigating a stabbing death in Stittsville.

Mike Carroccetto / Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa police were investigating a stabbing death in Stittsville on Wednesday morning.

The man’s death was not immediately considered suspicious, although police haven’t yet ruled out any criminal element.

Police were called to a home on Franklin Cathcart Crescent around 8:35 a.m. after a neighbour found the man and called 911.

The man was pronounced dead on the scene




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

If the perpetrator of this crime is Female, odds are they will a corrupt cop like
Detective Peter Van Der Zander from the notoriously corrupt Ottawa Police who
Fabricates Evidence NOT to charge FEMALE Perpetrators of unprovoked violence.

This Child Abusing Evidence Fabricating Rotten Cop is a typical example of the
Ottawa Police's official Police of "Fabricating Evidence" and or "Gender Superiority Program".

The Ottawa Police are unofficially, highly trained in how to "exaggerate" or "minimize" in how to
NOT to charge FEMALES while incarcerating without charges male victims of domestic violence.

The Ottawa Child Abuse section is composed of Politically Correct, supporters of
Ottawa's Gestapo who "defer" nearly all decisions as to charge or not to charge to
the corrupt professional fabricators of evidence at the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa
which is "supervised" by promoters of hatred and violence towards fathers by the likes of
ROBERT GODMAN aka "The God-Father" of the Ottawa Police and "The Gestapo".

The Ottawa Police are funded to the tune of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars most of which is not spent on fighting crime but promoting violence and hatred towards fathers and turning a blind eye to anything that might contradict their Fascist Ideals of Gender Superiority.