Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Society needs to be first concerned with the PTSD created by Government Funded Criminal and terror organization called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

Specifically, the CAS target Male Victims of Domestic Violence who were primary parents.
This Extreme Feminist organization treats with contempt male victims and child victims of Female Violence.

There is nothing more terrifying and distressing than having your child removed from your care
by Evidence Fabricating Scum of society like
PHIL HILTZ-LAFORGE and then, having Man Hating Workers like
Claudette Knuckle-Dougan of the CAS Ottawa call children liars who disclose violence in the home.

The male victims of CAS suffer from 48 Private Unaccountable Ontario corporations funded to the tune of a Billion dollars a year who leave tens of thousands of parents suffering PTSD.

do what ever it takes to NOT return children to fathers and or punish them for speaking out.

The vilest example of the CAS are those who direct its workers who provide the evidence of their criminal offenses on a platter.

In Ottawa Supervisor ROBERT GODMAN - has delusions that he has the power of GOD and his dreams are made true by CAS lawyers with unlimited budgets and
Corrupt Judges who "Rubber Stamp" anything the CAS want.
This individual has unbelievable amounts of Power and influence in Ottawa that cause Police to lay charges against those Godman does not like and drop charges against the most violent of women for CAS's unofficial but well known Fascist Ideas of "Gender Superiority" that promote violence by women towards children and fathers.

Monique Metiever issues Orders for custody exparte without a motion or notice to place children at a certain risk of harm.

Maria Linhares De Sousa gives CAS what ever they want, refuses to order disclosure and covers for Criminal Offenses of fabricating evidence and obstruct justice.

Tim Minnema a former CAS lawyer was "anointed" as a judge where he continues the CAS tradition of blatantly fabricating evidence claiming "admissions of violence" when none were made.

Robert L. Maranger is a cowardly corrupt gutless Child Abusing supporter of Criminals who fabricate evidence. Maranger turns a blind eye to evidence of Judicial Mis-Conduct and Criminal offenses.

Robert L. Maranger supports Criminal Behaviour, ignores incontrovertible Evidence of Criminal Offenses and then, takes abuses children by terminating their relationship with their father simply to
PROTECT criminals at the Ottawa CAS.

Robert L. Maranger also protects Rotten Evidence Fabricating Cops like
Detective Peter Van Der Zander.

The PTSD left by the above State Funded Terrorists costs Canada dearly and
is a direct effect of Canada's Fascist "Gender Superiority Program" that results in
Judges placing children with mothers 99% of the time regardless of even the most
outragious evidence of unprovoked abuse and violence towards children and fathers.

If you are a victim of any of the above criminals, call (613) 797-3237 or email